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Finding the right rehab facility for Louisville addicts is critical to providing the best opportunity for living a drug-free life. Many questions arise when facing the challenge of choosing the facility that will best serve you or your Louisville loved one. The decision you make could mean the difference between life and death. Rehab facilities differ in the amount and quality of staff and resources available. Any good rehab directory will give Louisville addicts choices between inpatient or outpatient facilities, treatment types and location.

Which Type of Facility Is Best?

Factors to consider when choosing a facility for drug or alcohol rehabilitation depend on the specific drug and extent of addiction. The amount of treatment necessary may be determined by a medical professional, such as a physician or therapist, or it may be a court-mandated course of rehabilitation. Each addict is unique and faces differing challenges — physical, mental and social; therefore, each one must be evaluated on an individual basis to determine the best treatment option. Inpatient facilities can vary in length of stay from a few days or weeks to months. Some provide only the time required to go through detox and withdrawal, and provide the remaining rehab as an outpatient. Other facilities offer an extended stay for months to complete all follow-up programs, such as counseling, 12-step programs and assistance in returning to drug-free environment.

Things to Ask About Rehab for Louisville Addicts

Finding the best rehab facility to meet your needs or those of a loved one requires doing a little research. You don’t want to commit to one only to find out too late that it was not the right choice. Here are some topics to cover before making your decision:

  • What type of addiction is treated? Some drug and rehab centers cover a wide range of addictions while others specialize in a particular addiction. Ask a representative about the coverage for your specific addiction.
  • What is the success rate? Inquire about the record of accomplishment of treatment with a low relapse rate. Some facilities are limited in regard to programs that provide the best opportunity for living a drug-free life.
  • Is my insurance accepted by the facility? The last thing you need is to get into rehab and then learn that your stay is not covered or only minimally covered by insurance. Your insurance type and carrier will determine if, and how much, coverage you have for drug and alcohol rehabilitation options. To make certain you understand your benefits, also verify your options for inpatient, outpatient, medical, therapeutic and follow-up programs through your insurance company before entering a rehab facility.
  • Is the staff credentialed? If you are entering an inpatient facility for detox and withdrawal treatment, you need a facility with a credentialed medical and counseling team to oversee your care 24 hours a day.
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