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Bardstown Drug and Alcohol Rehab

Bardstown Drug and Alcohol RehabDrugs and alcohol all too often go together in the life of an addict. Some rehab services specialize in only one type of drug, while others include the combination of various drugs and alcohol use. In searching for treatment for yourself or a loved one, make certain the facility has the staff and resources to handle both kinds of addiction. While there are many similarities between the two, alcohol presents its own set of complications, as do drugs of various types. In some cases, the combination is potentially deadly. If you live in Bardstown and struggle with addiction to drugs or alcohol, there are treatment options available all across the country that can help you.

What Happens During Acute Withdrawal?

Before treatment through detox and rehabilitation begins, the addict must be free of withdrawal symptoms. Some drugs, such as cocaine, Ecstasy and marijuana, produce emotional withdrawal which includes depression, anxiety, difficulty concentrating, irritability, headaches and restlessness. Alcohol produces a significant amount of physical withdrawal, such as difficulty breathing, heart rhythm irregularities, chest tightness, nausea, muscle tightness and sweating. The most dangerous withdrawal symptoms include those associated with suddenly stopping alcohol, which can lead to heart attacks, hallucinations, strokes and grand mal seizures. Medically supervised withdrawal and detox for alcohol and drugs is imperative to reduce the risks for life-threatening events.

What Happens to Bardstown Addicts After Acute Withdrawal?

The next phase of treatment is post-acute withdrawal, in which the physical symptoms begin to diminish and the emotional and psychological effects are more prominent. Symptoms tend to change frequently in the beginning and become less noticeable throughout the recovery process. The most common symptoms in this phase include sleep disturbance, anxiety, variable concentration abilities, fatigue, mood swings and irritability. The symptoms get further apart as the recovery process continues. You may have weeks or months between episodes for as long as two years following initial treatment. Post-acute withdrawal can be uncomfortable so Bardstown addicts should keep a plan in mind to reach out for support.

Preventing Relapse in Bardstown Addicts

Educate yourself about the signs and causes of relapse. Learn to identify warning signs in time to seek the help needed. Some of the signs to look for include hanging out in the places where your addiction started, stopping follow-up therapies or missing doctor appointments, family conflicts, refusing to deal with situations as they arise and any kind of major life change. Keep in mind that recovery takes time, effort, and the security of family, friends and support groups. The longer you maintain abstinence, the more likely you are to manage recovery without relapse.

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