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Jeffersontown Drug Rehabilitation Treatment

Jeffersontown Drug Rehabilitation TreatmentJeffersontown, a city of about 26,000 residents, is located in Jefferson County, Kentucky, near Louisville. Drug addiction is no stranger to the residents of Jeffersontown. Finding the right approach to drug rehabilitation treatment involves understanding your type of addiction and recognizing the amount and type of treatment needed to turn your life from living under the control of drugs to living a drug-free life near family and friends. Since most drug addicts need the help of trained professionals to kick the habit, it may be necessary to leave the comforts of home and travel to an inpatient or resident facility.

Why Is the Location of a Drug Rehabilitation Treatment Facility Important?

The long-term goal of drug rehabilitation is for the drug addict to be able to return home with the ability to face the familiar surroundings where they lived a drug-filled existence without relapsing. For some addicts, staying close to the surroundings that led to addiction inhibits the progress required to move forward. Moving into a residential or inpatient drug rehab facility away from home gives time for the healing process to occur through detox and withdrawal as well as medical, psychological and socializing therapy. Many addicts will need to spend time as an outpatient utilizing follow-up programs to reinforce their ability to live sober and drug-free before returning home.

How Serious Is Drug Addiction for Jeffersontown Addicts?

The National Institute on Drug Abuse reports in 2007, over 23 million people over the age of 12 in the United States needed illicit drug or alcohol treatment. Of those, fewer than three million entered a treatment facility. Treating drug addiction covers a much broader spectrum of care than just getting rid of the drug. Addiction affects the brain, behavior and emotions. Many addictions come alongside other illnesses, such as mental disease, chronic pain and sexually transmitted diseases. Treating the whole person is critical to the success of the rehabilitation process.

Are Behavioral Treatments Necessary for Jeffersontown Addicts?

Most treatment facilities include behavioral therapy as part of the treatment process. Depending on the type of addiction, behavioral treatments may begin during the process of detox and withdrawal. Some treatments begin following the completion of detox. Types of behavioral therapies include cognitive, which helps the addict to recognize how the addiction occurred and how to avoid relapse; family therapy, which reintegrates the addict into the family dynamic with methods to stay drug-free; and motivational therapy, which encourages the recovering addict to find positive means to stay away from drugs. Behavioral treatments may continue on an outpatient basis indefinitely.

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