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3 Signs of a Bad Therapist

3 Signs of a Bad Therapist

One sign of a bad therapist is if she does not reinforce your goals for therapy or redirect your efforts

To get and stay well, it is vital that Louisville residents find good therapists who can reveal the need for specific help, who can help out during treatment and who assist the lifelong journey of recovery.

Good therapists create environments wherein patients feel secure and free to explore their needs. They also have the credentials and training in necessary areas, and they may seek advice from other specialists to provide the best service. Furthermore, good therapists focus on patients while they explore a variety of healthy solutions.Recovering addicts who have worked with a good therapist may attest to the value that therapy has in maintaining sobriety. To get the most for therapy, Louisville residents should explore their options to select therapists who will help well.

Initial Exploration of Therapists

It may feel overwhelming to find a therapist, so start by exploring the therapists within your health insurance network. Take the list to your healthcare provider to find out if they have any direct experience with any of the therapists. You could also ask Louisville friends or family members for referrals to therapists with whom they have had success.

After you select a few therapists, reach out to them to make sure they are taking new clients. When you arrive for your appointment, expect to discuss your needs and preferences for therapy; if the therapist believes he has the credentials to help you, he will then discuss his methods, schedule and fees. If you are in agreement, you will then receive information about your rights as a client, confidentiality, office policies and fees so you can consent to treatment.

Warning Signs of a Bad Therapist

The first warning sign of a bad therapist is someone who responds poorly to your initial contact. In addition, if you feel insecure or uncomfortable in the office, then you are not with the right therapist. Also, if the therapist does not assure you of your rights and her role in your confidentiality, then look for someone else. Another sign of a bad therapist is if she does not reinforce your goals for therapy or redirect your efforts.

It is important that you trust your instincts about your reaction to the therapist. You are spending time, energy and money for support, so ensure that this person can help you reach your goals.

Therapy Help for Louisville Residents

A therapist is an invaluable resource to you before, during and after addiction treatment, so do everything you can to find the right resources for your unique needs. Louisville residents can call our toll-free, 24 hour helpline to talk with an admissions coordinator about questions regarding therapy.

Seek help now to get and stay well.

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