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Can I Detox at Home?

Can I Detox at Home?The first step to breaking free of an addiction is realizing that a problem exists and deciding to confront it. The next step is detox. Sometimes Louisville residents may believe they can detox at home rather than going to a rehab facility or detox clinic. However, this is unwise for a number of reasons.

Dangers of Detoxing at Home in Louisville

One of the strongest reasons to avoid trying an at-home detox is that it can be very dangerous. Addiction is a brain disease: a user’s body has come to see the presence of alcohol or drugs as normal, and in a sense is biochemically out of balance when the substance isn’t in the body. Withdrawal symptoms can not only be uncomfortable, but are sometimes life-threatening. Louisville residents should think again if they thought detox is a safe process.

Withdrawal symptoms vary by the properties of the drug and are also affected by biological differences. Possibly fatal seizures and heart failure are withdrawal symptoms from a number of different substances. Although withdrawal from any substance can be dangerous, detox from alcohol, benzodiazepine drugs and barbiturates is likely to be especially problematic. Underlying medical conditions can make detox more dangerous as well; some Louisville residents may be unaware of conditions and biological factors that might make detox more challenging.

The danger of detox isn’t only from the physical effects of withdrawal. Detox from many substances involves emotional as well as physical symptoms. Depression and anxiety are common, as is extreme irritability. This can raise the risk of suicide or violence toward others.

Is Home Detox Effective for Louisville Residents?

In addition to being dangerous, at-home detox is very often ineffective. The cravings are so intense, and the withdrawal symptoms so uncomfortable, that people tend to abandon the effort and return to substance use. If their bodies have begun to lose tolerance for their substance of choice, a return to using at former levels can increase the risk of an overdose. Louisville residents may think they can handle withdrawals, but should they relapse, the consequences can be fatal.

What Happens during Detox for Louisville Residents

Withdrawal is generally very difficult, and at-home detox is needlessly uncomfortable. Trained professionals in a detox clinic know how to minimize withdrawal symptoms and make the process as comfortable as possible. Health insurance often covers a significant part of detox and addiction treatment, so there is generally no financial reason for Louisville addicts to endure the challenges of detox without help.

No matter where detox takes place, it is only the first step in addiction treatment. People who struggle with addiction need to learn relapse-prevention skills. They also need to identify and address any factors that may have contributed to their addiction. Mental health conditions such as post-traumatic stress disorder or depression are a part of the addiction picture for many people, and treating them can greatly improve a Louisville patient’s well-being and treatment outcomes.

Detoxification Help for Louisville Residents

A medically supervised detox followed by professional addiction treatment is the wisest choice for any Louisville resident; we can help you find what you need. Phone counselors who staff our toll-free helpline are ready 24 hours a day to answer your questions about detox and to help you find a rehab program that’s right for you. They can even check your insurance coverage, to help you understand your options more completely. There’s no need to face the disease of addiction without help. Call today.

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