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Can I Quit Drugs on My Own?

Can I quit drugs on my own?Quitting drugs alone does not address the root causes of addiction. It is rarely successful, and solo recovery attempts are potentially dangerous due to withdrawal symptoms and potential relapse and overdose. Emotional and physical healing, development of healthy habits, and long-term support for a positive life change in Louisville are found and developed at professional rehab facilities. The safest response to drug addiction is to acknowledge that your substance abuse is a problem, seek out a treatment program and find support sources to encourage post-rehab sobriety.

Possible Consequences of Self-administered Drug Addiction Treatment

Drug abuse results in serious mental, emotional, physical and psychological problems for Louisville residents. An addict will often reason, rationalize or bargain when it comes to admitting to a substance abuse problem. Attempts to abruptly or gradually end drug use are typically dangerous and unsuccessful. When attempting to defeat substance addiction alone an individual may exhibit behavior that is even more destructive than previous drug-induced behavior. Recovering drug users may become violent towards themselves or others, they may temporarily lose their ability rationalize properly and they may develop alternate addictions as a means of coping with withdrawal symptoms. These risks are monitored, limited or eliminated by professional rehab programs.

Advantages of Quitting Drugs through Rehabilitation Facilities

Enrolling in a professional drug treatment program provides Louisville residents with the opportunity to learn how to handle and manage addiction. The professional staff available through rehab programs will help patients address feelings, stress and daily life in a healthy manner. Giving up a substance and deciding to get clean is the beginning of difficult journey, but with professional help a Louisville residents can manage triggers, relearn life skills and find the support needed to lead a drug-free life.

Louisville Residents Can Quit Using Drugs with Help

If you would like to begin the journey to a better life in Louisville, please call our toll-free helpline. We are here 24 hours a day to talk with you, answer insurance questions, guide you to an appropriate and effective rehab facility and encourage your first step in the right direction.

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