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Chemical Dependence Treatment

Chemical Dependence TreatmentChemical dependence is defined by the Ohio State University Medical Center as “the compulsive use of chemicals (drugs or alcohol) and the inability to stop using them despite the problems caused by their use.” Citing the Center for Disease Control, they report that two of the biggest contributing factors to substance use among young people are “parental and peer substance use” and that 25 percent of young people are drinking before the age of 13.

Among the most often abused substances they list are alcohol, marijuana, cocaine, amphetamines, inhalants and tobacco. The way for Louisville residents to defeat chemical dependence is to receive treatment at a licensed rehab facility.

What Causes Chemical Dependence in Louisville?

A question that often comes up with regards to chemical dependence is whether dependence or addiction is a behavioral disorder, a neurological disorder or simply a bad choice people make. The answer is a little bit of each. There are many possible contributing factors to chemical dependence including genetic predisposition, environmental stressors (an abusive parent, stress at work and anything in between) and other disorders such as depression or anxiety. Many Louisville residents suffer from co-occurring disorders, that is, more than one disorder at once which can compound the struggle.

Signs of Chemical Dependence in Louisville

For the friends and family of a person struggling with chemical dependence, or for the person himself, knowing the signs of chemical dependence is important. Knowing these signs can help Louisville resident identify and addiction and know when it is time to seek help. Some signs and symptoms of chemical dependence include the following:

  • Frequently using drugs or alcohol for the purpose of getting high, or, in the case of prescription drugs, using them some other reason other than their intended use.
  • Beginning to choose drugs or alcohol over friends, family work or other priorities.
  • Financial or legal trouble as a result of drug or alcohol use.
  • Taking risks you wouldn’t normally because of the influence of drugs or alcohol.

Chemical Dependence Help for Louisville Residents

If you live in Louisville and are struggling with chemical dependence and want to get treatment, call our toll-free, 24 hour helpline today. You can speak with a trained addiction counselor who will answer any questions you have about chemical dependence, treatment or any other aspect of the recovery process. We can also offer a free analysis of your insurance plan so you know what type of coverage and financial assistance to expect. Don’t let money or a lack of information keep you from the treatment you need. Call today and get on the road to getting well again.

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