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Do I Need Drug Rehab?

Do I Need Drug Rehab?There are several signs that recreational drug use in Louisville has grown into a full blown addiction. These include the following:

  • Sudden decrease or increase in appetite
  • Bursts of energy followed by extreme lethargy
  • Disregard of personal hygiene
  • Intense mood swings
  • Intense focus on obtaining or using the drug
  • Lack of focus in areas that the person once considered important

Am I Addicted to Drugs?

If you are concerned that you might be addicted to drugs ask yourself the following questions:

  • Do you feel like you need the drug to function during daily life in Louisville?
  • Do you find yourself consistently worrying about your drug use or thinking about quitting?
  • Do you find yourself using drugs more often than you intend?
  • Do you experience symptoms of withdrawal when you don’t use?
  • Do you spend money that you don’t have or can’t afford on the drug?
  • Does it take increasing amounts of the drug for you to experience the same high?
  • Have you tried to quit or cut back only to find that you can’t?

If you said yes to any or all of the above questions, you may be abusing your drug of choice or you may be addicted. Consider enrolling in a treatment program or going to a drug rehab facility where you can safely and effectively recover from your addiction.

Why Do Louisville Residents Need Drug Rehabilitation?

It is almost impossible and even dangerous to stop using drugs without professional help. When you cut yourself off from drugs, you will initially experience negative effects called withdrawal symptoms. These can be severe or even harmful if not monitored by medical professionals such as those available at rehab center. After detox rehab centers are focused on finding the root causes of your drug addiction. Support group meetings and trained counselors help you understand why you became addicted in the first place, and understanding these reasons helps you avoid drug use in the future. Drug rehab centers also offer counseling for the families of drug users. This counseling can help repair relationships that have been damaged by drug use. Family participation also helps to create a supportive home environment in Louisville for an individual to return to after rehab.

Drug Rehabilitation Help for Louisville Residents

If you think that you or your loved one might be struggling with drug addiction, call our toll-free helpline. We can help you decide if you need to go to drug rehab, and we can help you find the best programs if you do. If you are calling on behalf of a friend or loved one, our specialists can give you advice on how to hold a successful intervention. Don’t waste your life in Louisville on drug addiction. We are available 24 hours a day to help you, so call now.

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