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Drug Abuse in High-Schools

Drug Abuse in High-SchoolsMany high schools educate students on the dangers of drug use, but still more teenagers abuse min-altering substances every year. Drug abuse can lead Louisville high school students toward destruction, as many adult addicts cite adolescence as the time they began using drugs. Seek professional help to safeguard your family or a Louisville loved one from the dangers of drug abuse. You can get and/or stay clean from drug abuse if you reach out for professional help.

Common Drugs in High Schools

Louisville high school students may experiment with any of the following substances:

  • Alcohol
  • Marijuana
  • Prescription medications

Alcohol use is extremely common among high students, because it is readily available. The problem is that it lowers inhibitions and removes social anxiety, so to feel these effects many high school students binge drink. This means they consume five or more drinks in a row, which places them at a high risk for overdose. Alcohol overdose can be deadly, so do not take a teenager’s alcohol abuse as a normal sign of growing up. Like alcohol, marijuana is cheap and somewhat common, so many teenagers abuse it as well as alcohol. This drug relaxes users and can even soothe crippling anxiety, but the problem is that it is a gateway drug, meaning it leads people to abuse even stronger drug as they chase ever-elusive highs. Finally, prescription medications may help improve concentration or treat pain, but high schools students may abuse these drugs to cram for a test or to get high. In other words, Louisville teenagers may abuse any drug to feel good.

What Factors Encourage Teenage Drug Use?

The following factors may influence Louisville teenagers to abuse drugs:

  • Social groups
  • Socio-economic level
  • Environmental factors

Social groups strongly influence teenagers, so Louisville teens who are friends with drug users may end up doing so themselves. Secondly, socio-economic status also affects addiction, especially through a user’s environment and home. If someone lives in a high-crime environment, she is more likely to abuse drugs. Lastly, living with people who abuse drugs increases the chances of drug abuse. In other words, your friends, surroundings and family members can all influence your drug habits, so seek professional help to ensure that you avoid these risk factors.

Louisville Addiction Treatment

If you or a Louisville high school student struggles with drug abuse, then call our toll-free helpline for confidential support. Our admissions coordinators are available 24 hours a day to answer your questions and to help you find the necessary treatment to get and stay clean. Start improving your life right now by reaching out for professional support.

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