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Drug Intervention

Drug InterventionGetting someone into treatment is the purpose of any Louisville intervention, but help is not always welcomed by the one needing it. You may stage an intervention with family and friends who are prepared to share their experiences and how the addiction has affected them, or you may choose to hire a professional interventionist who knows how to approach treatment avoidance. There are many ways to go about an intervention, but research and preparation are essential to any successful intervention.

Preparing for a Drug Intervention in Louisville

Your loved one has an addiction problem but is unable or unwilling to do something about it. You want to help, and you may decide to stage an intervention. You need to know what an intervention involves, how it is planned and who should be present. Limit the number of people involved in a Louisville intervention. Potential participants include the following:

  • Friends and family
  • A counselor, if the person is currently undergoing therapy
  • A minister, if there is a strong relationship already in place and there is no chance of furthering the sense of guilt from a spiritual perspective
  • Coworkers, if the issue is already known at work and will not put the individual’s career at risk

Young children should not be involved. Intervention participants should be given guidance as to what they can expect from the individual such as anger and resentment or acceptance and surrender.

Begin an Intervention with a Plan

Begin the intervention process with a plan. Organize your intervention as if it had a guest list of invited speakers. Ask those you choose to speak to write down one incident they experienced that led them to the thought that this individual needs help. Remind them that they should speak from the heart while avoiding condemning or inflammatory accusations. Your loved one in Louisville most likely feels badly about his or her behavior and needs changing it. This is why a successful intervention does not condemn an addict but rather leads the person to accept the reality of addiction and recovery.

Pave the way for the individual’s admission into an addiction treatment center. If possible, handle all of the preliminary paperwork before the intervention takes place. You may even want to talk to the facility you choose about how they would handle an intervention or if they have counselors or interventionists available that can help.

What Happens during a Louisville Drug Intervention?

At a scheduled time, have everyone arrive at the designated location. When the individual is among these selected friends and family members, share your stories of how addiction has affected you and what you hope for the person in terms of recovery. Do not hurry the process, and expect to gather in Louisville for a few hours. Be careful to keep the person’s struggles confidential. Only invite those who have experienced firsthand the destructive side of addiction.

Hire an Interventionist for a Louisville Intervention

Having someone outside the family handle an intervention may be the best way to go. This third party provides an unbiased view of the situation and offers experienced advice, planning skills and recovery knowledge. An interventionist is typically a case manager with expertise in addiction treatment, and this person provides continuity in treatment even after the individual begins rehab. He or she may also assist with the transition from rehab to aftercare and a drug-free life in Louisville. Be sure to interview your potential interventionist and learn about his or her experience in handling addiction cases. Someone who is knowledgeable about your loved one’s particular addiction is more likely to know how to help.

Choosing the Right Rehabilitation Program

There are many ways to find a good rehab fit for your loved one. Consider asking a rehab center questions such as the following:

  • Do they have experience treating your loved one’s addiction?
  • Are they prepared to handle your loved one’s special needs such as teen treatment, women-only treatment, treatment including physical healthcare or treatment including mental healthcare?
  • What programs do they offer?
  • Is their staff credentialed, licensed and/or known in the addiction community as being experts in their field?
  • How is the treatment center regulated? By what agencies?
  • Is the location/atmosphere a good fit?
  • What is their success rate?
  • Do they offer transitional programs such as aftercare to help with the move back into normal everyday life in Louisville?
  • Do they accept your insurance or offer financial counseling, financial aid or other provisions for financing a stay?
  • How do they address family issues?

Drug Intervention Help for Louisville Residents

We can help you find the support you need to make recovery a reality for your loved one. Call us today on our toll-free 24 hour helpline and speak with one of our addiction treatment specialists. We can help you find interventionists and rehab programs, or we can simple answer your questions. Recovery is possible, and you can help your loved one find it.

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