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Fears about Life after Rehab

Fears about Life after RehabOnce Louisville drug addicts seek recovery, their lives change drastically. While many people celebrate these changes, others fear how to maintain recovery outside of rehab. While in treatment recovering addicts find it easier to resist temptation, simply because drugs and alcohol are prohibited in treatment. However, after treatment recovering addicts face many choices that can cause relapse and even another addiction. Do not let this happen to you or a loved one. Seek help today to stay clean and focused on sobriety.

Fears about Sobriety

For Louisville drug addicts to become sober, they must change many aspects of their lives. This can feel good as well as overwhelming for any drug addict. Because recovering addicts must change so many aspects of life to maintain sobriety, they often fear sobriety for the following reasons:

  • Finding employment
  • Rebuilding or developing relationships
  • Avoiding relapse
  • Rebuilding their self-image and reputation

While a Louisville drug addict is under the influence of drugs and alcohol, he often acts in ways that she regrets once sober. She may steal and perform sexual favors on top of many other illegal acts. This can lead to a criminal history, which in return can make finding employment extremely difficult. Repairing and developing healthy relationships can be daunting for most people. Having to face the results of addiction, especially the results that others experiences, can cause a recovering addict to feel remorse. Avoiding any behavior, trigger, or even people who use drugs can mean an addict must change social groups and location.

Additional Support for Addiction

After rehab recovering Louisville drug addicts may feel like they have no place to get additional support, but included in the following are some of options that addicts can seek for continued support:

  • Outpatient treatment
  • Group homes
  • Non-drug using family and friends
  • Community programs

For most, more treatment is recommended. This can include outpatient treatment, such as individual and group counseling. Group homes often have requirements such as employment, weekly drug tests and attending meetings. This can help recovering addicts maintain sobriety. Reach out to Louisville friends and family for additional support, or even someone to call when you are tempted to use. Most communities provide free support groups to help recovering addicts maintain sobriety.

Louisville Addiction Treatment

If you or a Louisville loved one suffer from an addiction, please call our toll-free helpline today. Our counselors are available 24 hours a day to answer your questions about addiction and treatment. Help is only a call away, so reach out now.

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