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Gender-Specific Tracks for Addiction Recovery

Gender-Specific Tracks for Addiction RecoveryAddiction recovery can be an emotionally and physically taxing process for men and women. Successful and innovative recovery programs are seeing excellent results by developing gender-specific tracks for their clients. Men and women are obviously different in many ways and specialized approaches to treatment are often highly effective. Louisville residents seeking drug or alcohol addiction rehabilitation may want to consider gender-specific treatment.

Benefits of Gender-Specific Rehabilitation for Louisville Addicts

Gender-specific addiction recovery tracks offer several features that Louisville addicts may benefit from, including the following:

  • Separation of men and women removes issues of attraction and prejudice during group therapy sessions
  • Men and women have different emotional needs during treatment
  • Unique programs such as adventure therapy, arts therapy, meditation and spiritual support can often be more effective without distractions caused by the presence of members of the opposite sex
  • Men are often more willing to share their thoughts and feelings when women are not present
  • Women in treatment can often focus more effort on the recovery process and less on their own physical appearance or image when men are not present

Because women and men may feel more at ease with members of their own sex, gender-specific rehab can help addicts through the recovery process.

How Gender-Specific Treatment Works

The following principles of addiction recovery apply to men and women of all ages and backgrounds:

  • Most addicts suffer from at least one co-occurring emotional issue that drives their disease
  • Diagnosing and confronting any and all co-occurring disorders is critical to successful treatment
  • The detox process is critical and can be very uncomfortable
  • Neural pathways in the brain must be reprogrammed to pre-addiction functioning
  • Addicts must learn new coping and stress tolerance skills in order to maintain sobriety
  • Friends and family play a critical role in the long-term recovery of every addict

While these principles apply to all recovering addicts, men and women often require different treatment tactics. Gender-specific recovery addresses all of these issues effectively by making subtle and not-so-subtle adjustments in the following areas:

  • Men and women often benefit from different counseling techniques and strategies
  • Physical activity and health is critical to recovery, but women and men may prefer different types of activities and different levels of intensity
  • Men and women relate differently to the friends and loved ones in their lives and face different types of relapse risks as a result

Also, for Louisville residents who have suffered from trauma, abuse, or dysfunctional relationships with members of the opposite sex, gender-specific treatment can make them feel safer and more comfortable.

Addiction Recovery Help for Louisville Residents

If you are interested in learning more about the unique addiction treatment options available for men and women please call our 24 hour, toll-free helpline right now. Our admissions coordinators can answer all of your questions and help you find the best possible treatment program for your specific needs. We can even help with questions related to insurance coverage and logistical support.

No two addicts are alike, and no two addiction stories are the same. Don’t settle for ineffective one-size-fits-all rehab. Gender-specific addiction recovery may be exactly the type of treatment you need. Call right now for free, confidential advice from caring professionals who really believe that you can be free of this disease.

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