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How Can I Make Myself Want to Go to Rehab?

How Can I Make Myself Want to Go to Rehab?

Although it can be painful, it is important that you take time to listen to your friends and loved ones

Generating a willingness to go to rehab can be incredibly difficult in Louisvile. Even as the negative consequences of your substance abuse problem continue to mount, your brain will think of any possible reason to delay treatment or to avoid it altogether. This is because addiction changes your brain in profound ways. It’s not that you simply don’t want change badly enough, it’s that your own brain is working against you. The disease will do whatever it can to keep you from getting clean. Yes, your recovery starts with a desire to confront your addiction, but if you are finding it difficult to want to go to rehab we might be able to help.

Listen to Those Who Love You

Although it can be painful, it is important that you take time to listen to your friends and loved ones. While the addicted brain is often blind to the pain the disease is causing to both the addict and his or her closest loved ones in Louisville, honest discussions and active listening can cut through the cravings and justifications. Invite the people who care most for you to express their feelings about your condition. As, them the following questions:

  • How have your choices and actions hurt others?
  • What do the people you trust most think about your use of substances?
  • Do these people love you and believe in you? (Despite your actions, their answer might surprise you.)
  • Do any of your loved ones have personal experience overcoming a condition like yours?

If you take the time to invite your friends and family to share their feelings, fears and frustrations and then you work very hard not to become defensive when they do, you will likely hear much more than you expect. You will be tempted to defend yourself, to minimize the consequences of your actions and to blame others for your actions. If you can resist that temptation, however, you may find that your love for them, and their belief in you, will help you want to go to rehab. You don’t want to continue hurting the people you love.

Imagine an Addiction-Free Future

Another technique that can increase your motivation for change is to spend time imagining how amazing a drug-free future would be. Odds are good that the first thing you think of when considering getting clean is the misery of detox. The truth is that physical withdrawal, as uncomfortable as it often is, usually only lasts a few days. Again, the voice of the addiction in your head will tell you that you can’t handle that or that now just isn’t a good time. However, take some time right now to consider what an addition-free future in Louisville might be like. Think through the following questions and write down answers for each one:

  • How would your relationships improve if you were no longer dependent on drugs or alcohol?
  • How would your physical health change if you stopped using addictive substances?
  • How would you feel about yourself if you successfully beat your addiction?
  • How might your financial health improve if you stopped using so much money for drugs and alcohol?
  • How might your ambitions and dreams for the future change if you got sober?
  • How would your stress and anxiety level change if drugs were no longer a part of your life?

Taking time to write out the answers to these questions can help your brain imagine them more vividly. Re-reading your thoughts about your potential future can help you to remember the benefits of sobriety more quickly. Physically writing something down causes the thought behind it to impact both the emotional side of the brain (where the disease lives) and the rational side of the brain. For even greater impact, try writing out these answers in detail and then also recite them to friends, counselors or treatment staff.

Life in Louisville is much better when you are not chemically dependent. Although addiction can certainly blind you to thoughts of a better future, that future is available to you nonetheless. By thinking through the potential benefits of treatment, speaking about them and writing them down, you also provide yourself with future motivation to stay the course when temptation to relapse comes. Keep that journal close.

Your Wants Will Change

It is critical for you to understand that as you gradually heal from the disease of addiction your wants will change. Sure, there will be times when all you want to do is to get high, but as the positive aspects of the sober life continue to develop, you will eventually find that you actually want to be well. You might have to start off on your journey to wellness with little more than a feeble bit of willpower and determination, but once you develop a taste for your sober potential, you will find it is quite appealing. At the heart of addiction is a powerful desire for relief and comfort that is unconcerned with consequences. Reflexively reaching for what you want is the primary problem of addiction. Pulling your wants into alignment with your values and your choices is a process that starts in rehab and continues throughout the rest of your life. The good news is that with the right help, you can do it.

We Can Help

For more information about the benefits of sobriety, the most effective means of treatment or even a referral to the best program for your particular situation, please call our 24 hour, toll-free helpline today. The call is free. There are no strings attached, and we are always standing by. Call now.

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