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How Negative Attention Can Influence Drug Use

How Negative Attention Can Influence Drug UseA positive and supportive social circle can discourage substance abuse, but negative attention can have the opposite effect. For example, a Louisville resident might use drugs for the following reasons:

  • Suppress negative feelings that come from criticism or abuse
  • Escape the haunting memories of trauma
  • Deal with the emotional lows of rejection or seclusion
  • Overcome shyness and feelings of isolation
  • Handle the guilt from a relapse or failure to get clean

For those experiencing guilt or shame about addiction, Louisville friends and family sometimes make it worse by expressing judgment and disappointment. No one wants to let a loved one down, and that can add to the list of pains a user is trying to cover up.

Seeking Attention with Drug Use

Negative factors (such as family problems, mood disorders or insecurities) tend to result in more drug use and negative attention. However, there are some individuals who think they actually want this. In these particular cases, users prefer negative attention to none at all, meaning drug use can be an attempt to accomplish the following goals:

  • Project the image of a counter-culture rebel
  • Try to fit in with a particular social circle
  • Get the attention of a friend or loved one

Drug use can be a crutch for social interaction, addressing emotional pain and handling negativity. But drug use can also indicate something more serious, like a mood disorder or mental illness. In this case, a Louisville resident can become trapped in a dangerous cycle where each condition exacerbates the other.

Drug Use and Mood Disorders in Louisville Residents

A study by the National Institute on Drug Abuse revealed that anger issues among first-graders can help predict future drug use. Likewise, a survey by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Administration showed a strong connection between aggressive behavior and drug use among adults. Drug abuse and mental health problems affect similar parts of the brain, such as the circuitry that uses the neurotransmitter dopamine to carry messages between neurons. This means the following facts for drug users:

  • A mood disorder can make a drug addiction worse and vice versa
  • Conditions like depression, anger and anxiety often attract more negative energy
  • A mental health issue can make any attention appear more negative
  • Drug use can turn into an addiction as a person attempts to self-medicate

For those Louisville drug addicts affected by a negative influence, a mental illness makes the condition and addiction that much worse. In all these cases, the best way to battle negativity is with positive, professional treatment.

Holistic Approach to Addiction Treatment

Proper treatment for drug addiction often includes a tapered detox that minimizes withdrawals, but getting past the initial physical dependency is just the start. A positive approach will have the following goals:

  • Treat any co-occurring mood disorders or mental health issues
  • Provide opportunities for yoga, acupuncture and other activities
  • Teach different Cognitive Behavior Therapy to empower Louisville patients
  • Develop relapse-prevention techniques to combat temptation
  • Help restore supportive relationships the addiction might have strained
  • Group therapy to express feelings and receive encouragement from others
  • Continued aftercare support and counseling

Positive encouragement is an effective tool in breaking addiction and another reason why positive treatment is so effective.

Find the Right Attention for Addiction Recovery

If you struggle with drug abuse, we can help. Our addiction specialists are available 24 hours a day to offer encouragement, explain treatment options and even check insurance policies for coverage. Call our toll-free helpline today, and get started on a bright new path.

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