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Is Rehab Like What I See on TV?

Is Rehab Like What I See on TV?The rehab experiences and programs you see on television are a product of reality television. Most rehab programs are at the very least slightly scripted and are not the same as unscripted, real-life detox and rehab. Televised drug rehab can give some idea of what might be involved in addiction recovery, but it cannot give a completely accurate portrayal.

Reality Show Drug Rehabilitation Compared to Real Drug Rehabilitation

One of the major differences between a reality show like Celebrity Rehab and a real-life rehab program is the length of the program. Most drug rehab programs run 30, 60 or 90 days depending on your individual needs. Reality shows are limited to the number of episodes that are recorded in a given season. Celebrity Rehab deals with patients for 21 days, but the most effective detox and rehab programs take much longer.

Another difference is the portrayal of detox. Most drug and alcohol programs begin with several days of medically supervised detox which is a necessary step to give the body time to rid itself of the toxins of the drug before beginning further treatment. However this is only a brief period of recovery, while reality programs may focus on a person’s discomfort to create drama and interest. This may make it seem like rehab is a time constant pain, yet this is not a true portrayal of the detox period.
An important thing to remember is that reality television is not real. It may be based on real people and real struggles, but it will never give an accurate picture of the addiction recovery experience for Louisville residents.

Documentary Shows about Drug Rehabilitation

Documentaries that follow people recovering from addiction through rehab are different from reality television shows. These journalistic-type programs are unscripted for the most part and follow an individual or group going through the rehab process. These programs tend to reflect a more accurate picture of what a non-celebrity might experience when going through drug rehab. However the presence of cameras will change how people act and react, and the ultimate choice of what is and isn’t included in the final product is up to a producer rather than a recovering individual in Louisville.

Court-Ordered Addiction Treatment for Louisville Residents

Television may display individuals receiving court-ordered treatment in lieu of jail sentencing. Recovery programs can be a beneficial alternative to doing jail time and can provide the treatment and education needed for a drug-free life in Louisville. The goal of court-ordered rehab programs is to reduce the number of repeat drug offenders. Court-ordered rehab programs look different on television than in real life. Often you will see a celebrity stand before a judge and receive a court-ordered addiction treatment sentence. The cameras then follow them on their journey as they arrive at a high-end rehab facility offering around the clock services and amenities. When released these celebrities are often seen back on the Hollywood party scene using drugs again. This type of court-ordered treatment is different from the serious and effective court-ordered treatment offered to the average drug or alcohol offender.

Help for Louisville Residents Struggling with Drug Addiction

Finding rehab that is real and effective is the first and most important step to breaking free from addiction. What you see on TV may look glamorous and intriguing, but drug detox and rehab are hard work. If you or a loved one struggles with drug addiction, please call our toll-free number to learn more about real options for lasting recovery.

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