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Mental Health Interventions

Mental Health InterventionsAddiction can be hard to overcome. Thus, adding a mental illness to the equation can make sobriety seem impossible. Louisville residents with a Dual Diagnosis of mental illness and addiction may have a more difficult time finding and complying with the treatment they need. Treatment options are extremely limited and resources can be strained. However, with the help of professionals, there is hope.

How Can Interventions Help Louisville Addicts?

A drug intervention is a process in which loved ones help a drug addict recognize the extent of his or her drug use. Addicts are often unaware or in denial about the damaging effects of their addiction. Included in the following are some of the actions loved ones can take during an intervention:

  • Stop all “rescue missions”
  • Stop enabling the addict
  • State their specific concerns
  • State consequences and follow through
  • Listen respectfully to the addict’s point of view

Family members are often the first to feel the impact of a Louisville area loved one’s addiction. Family members will often try to protect addicts from the negative results of their behavior by making excuses and helping them escape from drug related issues. As difficult as it might be, family members need to stop rescuing and enabling the addict, so that the addict can fully experience the harmful effects of his or her drug use. Be specific about your concerns and have examples to refer to. Make sure you state consequences that the addict will face if he or she refuses to enter treatment, and be prepared to stick to those consequences. During the intervention, addicts will more than likely ask questions that need to be answered. Make sure you listen, as you expect them to listen to what you have to say.

How Can Mental Health Affect an Intervention with a Louisville Addict?

The main goal of an intervention is to have the addict accept help and enter a treatment program. However, when an addict has a Dual Diagnosis of both a mental illness and a drug and/or alcohol addiction, it may be difficult for him or her to accept this help. Included in the following are some examples on how mental health can affect an intervention:

  • Mask or strengthen side effects
  • Cause the addict to refuse to cooperate
  • Cause forgetfulness
  • Limit treatment options that can effectively address both conditions

Depending on an individual’s mental illness diagnosis, certain medications, drugs, or alcohol can mask or even strengthen a drug’s side effects, worsen an individual’s mental illness, or diminish some of an addict’s mental illness side effects. Because of a mental illness, many individuals are willing at first to enter treatment due to peer pressure or legality difficulties. However, after the first week or so many refuse to cooperate. Mental illness can make an individual forget their actions or behaviors at random intervals of time. Thus, they may not remember their drug use or the severity of their drug use. Treatment options are extremely limited for individuals suffering from mental illness combined with addiction.

Drug and Alcohol Addiction Treatment for Louisville Residents

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