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New to Rehab: Where to Begin

If you or a loved one in Louisville is considering entering rehab, you may be wondering what to expect as you begin this process. Addiction rehab typically begins with an assessment. This assessment helps professionals and patients alike take an honest look at addiction and determine its severity, any underlying psychological concerns and the first steps that should be taken. Patients will be asked about their substance abuse history, and professionals may also turn to friends and family members to gather further information to determine a patient’s needs. A professional assessment helps patients, professionals and families develop an individualized recovery plan.

Beginning Rehab with Detox

Rehab and addiction recovery typically begin with detox. Although detox is not always required, withdrawal symptoms can be painful or even life threatening in some situations and require medical supervision. Some patients may choose to detox at a hospital or in another medical center before continuing with rehab, but most programs offer detox services, and detoxing at the same facility where you will receive treatment offers the benefit of working with one localized, familiar and communicative team of professionals. While those new to recovery may feel great after detox and feel ready to return to the real world as sober and healthy individuals, rehab has barely begun, and this is not the time to test one’s recovery and resolve. As Anne Fletcher describes in Inside Rehab: The Surprising Truth About Addiction (2013), “Detox alone is not considered adequate treatment because it doesn’t address the psychological and social problems that commonly go along with addiction, nor does it provide the skills for staying sober.” Those who choose to leave treatment after detox alone typically relapse quickly and often go through several cycles of detox and relapse before recognizing the need to receive full and comprehensive treatment.

Beginning Rehab After Detox

Once a patient has overcome most or all withdrawal symptoms, he will begin rehab. Some elements of therapy and recovery will begin during detox, but the extent of these depends on an individual’s recovery plan and current physical and mental health. If an individual did not require detox services, he may receive an assessment at this time. Patients will begin with treatment options that address their relapse potential and willingness to change. They may start with motivational therapy if they feel they have been coerced into treatment or do not want to give up their former lifestyle. Those who are eager to change may begin with therapy geared more towards developing healthy coping skills and strategies for navigating everyday life without drugs. A patient’s recovery plan will evolve and change as his recovery progresses, and he will leave rehab with the skills, knowledge and support needed to maintain a drug-free life.

Finding Addiction Rehab

If you or a loved one in Louisville is ready to pursue a drug-free life and begin rehab, call our toll-free helpline. Our admissions coordinators are here for you 24 hours a day and can answer questions, address concerns and get you started on the path to recovery and health.

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