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Overcoming Recovery Plateaus

Overcoming Recovery PlateausMany recovering addicts in Louisville start out with soaring motivation and resolve, but after several months, it feels like the recovery hit a wall. Just like in exercise, these plateaus will pass, but there are ways to help the process along and avoid a critical misstep.

Ways Louisville Residents Can Overcome a Plateau

When a plateau occurs, there are several simple ways for Louisville residents to refuel their recovery, including the following:

  • Go back to the basics by reworking the behavioral therapies and recovery tools
  • Put a renewed focus on proper sleeping, eating, exercise, and lifestyle habits
  • Speak with a recovery partner and recall the successes you’ve had already
  • Start a new project like a recovery blog, journal, or documentary
  • Write down your reasons for recovery and review them twice a day
  • Become more involved in sober activities and organizations
  • Meet with your recovery sponsor or find a new one who is more effective
  • Do not test the recovery by going to a bar, party, or other substance abuse setting

Recovery plateaus almost always pass for those who are patient. Talk with veteran members of your recovery support group, and they can offer encouragement and describe their experiences with plateaus. If you stopped going to group therapy, however, that is probably why you hit a plateau.

Health Issues and Recovery

In some cases, there might be something other than the recovery fueling the plateau. Physical and mental health issues can cause emotional distress, and if left untreated, they can derail a recovery. If the plateau continues, there are several options for Louisville residents to consider, including the following:

  • Take a physical examination to see if there are health issues affecting your mood
  • Get screened for mental health issues that might have been missed in addiction treatment
  • Speak with a counselor about motivations, traumas, or issues that might still be unresolved

In the early days of recovery, emotional gains can be misconstrued as strength and stability. It is dangerous to measure a recovery by emotions since they often rise and fall in the healthiest of individuals. Likewise, the emotional highs can lead to overconfidence, which has sabotaged many recoveries. For this reason, a recovering addict who experiences an overly long plateau might consider additional treatment even if a substance relapse has not occurred.

Recovery Support Help for Louisville Residents

In addition to providing physical and mental health screenings, treatment centers can rework the therapies and look for issues that might still need treatment. These are many of the same therapies used in the original treatment, and they include the following:

  • Psychodynamic therapy to explore unconscious motivations and conflicts
  • Reexamine personal substance abuse triggers and how to avoid them
  • Educational therapy to dive deeper into the principles of addiction and recovery
  • Individual counseling to explore the psychological reasons for the plateau
  • Optional holistic treatments like hypnotism, acupressure, and nutrition
  • Group therapy to air out concerns and get back to core recovery issues

Outpatient care can handle most of these treatments, but counselors might recommend residential care in the case of a relapse or mental health issue.

Recovery Helpline for All Louisville Residents

Are you a Louisville resident struggling with addiction, relapse, or maintaining your recovery? Our expert staff can help. Call our toll-free helpline 24 hours a day, and speak with a counselor about recommendations, warning signs, and treatment options. If you have health insurance, we can also check your policy for benefits. Please call now.

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