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Should Children Be Included in Interventions?

Should Children Be Included in Interventions?Pride and shame are a couple of adverse qualities that might make a Louisville resident reluctant to acknowledge an addiction problem. Sometimes the addict is blinded to the fact that his health is decaying and that he is affecting others besides himself, thus falling into denial. An effective way to deal with this problem is through an intervention. What is an intervention and how can you plan one? To what extent should children be included? Where can you find an interventionist? Let’s consider the answers.

Addiction Intervention and its Benefits

When an individual or a group of people try to convince a person going through addiction to seek help by means of a planned meeting, it is called an intervention. In most of the cases, family members and close friends are the ones who participate in this attempt to help the addict, orchestrated by an interventionist or counselor. Common preparation Louisville residents should accomplish prior to the intervention includes:

  • Guidelines are given for the specific situation by the interventionist
  • The family prepares letters with experiences related to the addict’s behavior
  • A member of the group makes a list of activities that will not be tolerated if the addict refuses to take on treatment
  • There is a rehearsal meeting
  • The interventionist coordinates how the intervention will take place

Regardless of it being a drug intervention, alcohol intervention or one of any other kind, this method has proved to be powerful and successful in helping a person to accept help.

How Can Children Participate in an Intervention?

First of all, it should be clear that a young one should never be included during the entire intervention. In the case of children under the age of 14, they should never be present in any part of the meeting. A kid may lack the emotional strength to understand the tension, language, and situations common of these meetings. Also, depending on the person and the type of addiction, it can be an unsafe environment.

This does not mean that a kid can’t play a role in the success of an intervention and the recovery of a parent. While Louisville residents should always secure the support of a therapist in the weeks surrounding the intervention before allowing a child’s participation in any form, a child can participate by writing a letter, making a drawing, or talking to a trusted adult who can later share the child’s thoughts during the intervention. Modern technology can even allow children to film a video statement to be shared in the intervention. The emotional and physical safety of the children must always be taken into account.

Finding an Experienced Interventionist

An intervention is a delicate matter that needs to be handled properly. To ensure this proper approach, the advice and counsel of a professional interventionist should always be taken into consideration by loved ones in Louisville for the process. It should be someone certified as an addiction professional with a trusted background – someone that can gain your trust. Proof of training in dual disorders and substance dependency makes the person a more valuable candidate. We partner with and meet with experienced interventionists to build a network of only high-quality professionals.

Free Assistance and Advice to Plan an Intervention

To answer your questions and doubts regarding the intervention process, call our toll free helpline today. We offer free information services on how and where Louisville residents can get intervention services, Dual Diagnosis rehab facilities, family counseling, and insurance assistance, among others. Our lines are open 24 hours a day to give you the support you need.

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