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Louisville Sober Living Homes

Louisville Sober Living HomesThe road to sobriety takes many turns for the drug addict. The process of recognizing the need for help or, in some cases, a court directive to enter rehabilitation for drug or alcohol abuse is just the beginning. Getting clean through detox is the first step, followed by days, weeks or months in some type of rehabilitation center. In some cases, care may be provided on an outpatient basis. For many, entering the phase of sober living is critical to making sobriety a reality rather than a possibility. The environment of sober living homes provides the stage for real-life experiences while making the recovering addict accountable.

Rules at Sober Living Homes

Drug addiction not only affects the physical condition of your body, it can also remove your independence. Sober living homes focus on rebuilding the fundamentals of self-esteem and self-worth, while providing an environment where the recovering addict has freedoms not afforded in a strict rehab facility. As a resident of a sober living home, there are rules and regulations designed to instill values and responsibilities for living, such as:

  • Weekly household duties
  • No violence
  • Limited visitors
  • Responsibility for all personal care daily
  • Active participation in an ongoing recovery program

What Is the Value of Sober Living Homes?

Sober living homes provide recovering addicts from Louisville with the opportunity to spend invaluable time preparing for re-entry into their world which once was controlled by drug addiction. Many addicts completing a short-term or long-term rehabilitation program are not yet prepared to return to their environment where drugs ruled. For those individuals, sober living provides a structured environment away from the influence of drugs where life skills can be built while healing from the physical, mental and emotional effects of addiction. This is a safe environment where relationships are built with the understanding that any time the house rules are broken, the resident is removed immediately. This reinforces accountability and the sense of safety for all residents.

Ongoing Recovery and Support for Louisville Addicts

Sober living homes focus on a lifelong recovery from drug addiction. Most homes maintain 24-hour staff to monitor the residents and to make sure house rules are followed. This family-style setting encourages recovering addicts to gain strength from one another as they individually pursue goals of sobriety. Many homes are located in residential areas. Convenience to public transportation is needed for ease of attending support groups, such as 12-step programs, and for employment opportunities.

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