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The Personal and Professional Risks of a Gambling Binge

The Personal and Professional Risks of a Gambling Binge

A gambling binge can cause serious financial and personal problems

The line between recreational gambling and problem gambling can be difficult to distinguish. Whether frequenting casinos, gambling online, playing cards with a group friends, betting on sporting events or playing the lotto, gambling addiction is an impulse control problem that plagues many  Louisville residents.

What is the difference between having a good time with control, and compulsively seeking the exciting risk and reward of gambling? When Louisville residents begin making sacrifices to gamble, and they ignore the negative consequences of their behavior, then gambling will impact relationships with family, friends and coworkers. One of the most dangerous behaviors associated with gambling addiction is binge gambling.

How Can a Gambling Binge Affect Your Personal Life and Career?

A gambling binge is an episode of uncontrolled gambling that is short-lived, but intense. Louisville residents may go on a gambling binge even if they rarely gamble. A compulsive gambler may be on a winning streak and think they can win big, or they can be people that have lost enough to risk a great deal in order to get back to where they were.

Someone who consistently binge gambles may not display the constant preoccupation with gambling that many gambling addicts might, but he still struggles with a lack of control, and he suffers from the consequences of risk-taking behavior.

Binge gambling can devastate the life of a Louisville gambler and his loved ones. The most common consequence of excessive gambling is losing a large amount of money that would have paid bills and provided for needs. Strain on marriages and debt are two of the highest prices to pay for a gambling binge. A successful gambling binge can lead to consistent pursuit of that thrilling victory that will inevitably result in a loss at some point, especially as the stakes get higher while the gambler fights to recoup his losses. Dishonest behavior often results as gamblers want to indulge and to address the demands of their loved ones.

These intense streaks of gambling can also affect a person’s work life. A late night out can affect work performance. Preoccupation with a great loss can preoccupy someone whose energy could be better focused, or it could cause him to cut corners to make more money so he can compensate for his losses. Emotional health problems, family problems and financial struggles can leak into work hours that should be spent in productivity. Louisville gambling addicts need help to recover.

Help for Louisville Gambling Addicts

Gambling addiction is a psychological illness that can be overcome through treatment. If you or a Louisville loved one is addicted to gambling, then call our toll-free helpline to speak with an admissions coordinator about professional treatment options. Our staff is available 24 hours a day to connect you with the treatment plan that suits your needs. Please call today for instant support.

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