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Three Signs of a Poor Treatment Facility

Three Signs of a Poor Treatment Facility

While group therapy is useful and important in recovery, one-on-one time cannot be ignored

Entering a rehab program and committing to treatment is an important decision to make, so Louisville residents must choose the centers that suit them best. The rehab center you choose will play a large role in your recovery, so choosing the right facility is of the utmost importance. While it is important to enter a program as soon as possible, it is also important to make sure that the place you attend is worth your while. Here are some telltale signs that the treatment facility you are considering is not up to par:

  • The treatment facility is unaccredited or uncertified An accredited, licensed facility will almost always be better than an unaccredited one, because accredited facilities have proven a certain level of professionalism and care. If a facility is not accredited and does not employ licensed professionals, then it answers to no one, so it less likely to provide a high standard of care. In short, being accredited does not imply quality, but being unaccredited indicates a lack of it.
  • No or insufficient one-on-one therapy One of the most important aspects of rehab is the one-on-one time you will have with doctors and therapists. It is easier and cheaper for treatment facilities to perform group therapy, because one counselor can tend to many people simultaneously. While group therapy is useful and important in recovery, one-on-one time cannot be ignored: it helps Louisville residents plan theirs future based upon their individual needs, and it gives patients time to focus on themselves. With this thought in mind, a great amount of group therapy and a lack of one-on-one therapy suggests that a treatment facility cuts costs to the patients’ detriment.
  • A bad reputation When someone expresses her discontent with a treatment facility, her perspective is not necessarily the truth; however, if many people from many places and perspectives criticize a facility, then avoid this center. Talk to local doctors, read online reviews and get the most opinions possible before selecting a treatment center. If many people echo the same unfavorable sentiments about a rehab facility, then think twice about going to it.

If a treatment center shows these signs, then do not send your Louisville loved one there.

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