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Tranquilizer Addiction Help

Tranquilizer Addiction HelpTranquilizers such as Xanax, Klonopin, Valium, Ambien and Lunesta are some of the most commonly abused tranquilizers in the country. These popular name brand drugs typically become addictive because of their desirable qualities, such as helping calm down the nervous system enough to promote feelings of relaxation. Not only can they become addictive psychologically, but they can also become physically addictive and extremely harmful to one’s health. Louisville tranquilizer users who continue to abuse these drugs will start experiencing serious side effects that can include blurred vision, muscle weakness, respiratory depression and coma.

Treatment for Louisville Users Struggling with Tranquilizer Addiction

Since tranquilizers can be so highly addictive, it is important that Louisville individuals looking to get sober do so in a healthy, effective manner. A comprehensive approach to tranquilizer addiction treatment will most likely include the following components:

  • Medication assistance – The serious withdrawal symptoms of tranquilizer detox, such as nausea, vomiting, and irritability can be minimized through medication assistance. Addicts are administered lesser doses of their chosen tranquilizers (or less addictive medications) to help wean them off the drug.
  • Behavioral therapy – Behavioral therapies, such as cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) and dialectical behavior therapy (DBT) help recovering users begin to not only understand their tranquilizer addiction, but also develop new behaviors that support a long-term sober lifestyle.
  • Extended counseling – In addition to behavioral therapy, recovering users may receive extended counseling, such as individual, family and group counseling. These sessions can help individuals uncover the underlying causes of their tranquilizer addiction, as well as work on relapse prevention skills and mend broken relationships.

Treatment for tranquilizer addiction can include medication assistance, as well as participation in behavioral therapy and extended counseling to help individuals sort out their issues surrounding their tranquilizer abuse.

How Treatment Can Help Louisville Tranquilizer Addicts

Louisville users who do not get treatment for tranquilizer addiction may begin to experience a variety of severe physical and psychological side effects that can cause permanent damage to both themselves and those around them. Since tranquilizer addiction creates physical dependency, professional treatment is necessary to provide recovering individuals with the medical supervision needed to safely detox, as well as the professional psychiatric care needed to avoid future relapse.

Do You Need Tranquilizer Addiction Treatment?

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