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Treatment Is a Transition, Not an End

Treatment Is a Transition, Not an End

Treatment helps Louisville drug addicts convert their lives from drug use to sobriety

Sobriety is a lifetime commitment that requires constant supervision to maintain. Although one of the most important steps in sobriety, treatment only prepares Louisville drug addicts for real-life scenarios. In other words, recovery truly begins only after treatment ends.

Why Isn’t Treatment an End to My Addiction Struggles?

Although Louisville drug addicts may believe that they will no longer struggle with addiction once professional treatment ends, recovering addicts will be tested almost daily. For the following reasons, treatment is not the end to addiction struggles:

  • Foundation
  • Preparation
  • Life skills

Treatment is the foundation of sobriety, so while not all addicts require treatment, it prepares Louisville drug addicts against temptation with relapse-prevention tools. Secondly, treatment not only prepares addicts for temptation, but it also gives them drug-free environments to process new information while receiving treatment. Lastly, to maintain sobriety recovering addicts need life skills, like stress management, coping mechanisms and proper communication. All of these acts help addicts achieve and maintain sobriety.

How Treatment Prepares Louisville Drug Addicts for Real Life

Treatment is a great tool for Louisville drug addicts, because it prepares them for real life issues. In fact, treatment prepares recovering drug addicts for real life situations in the following ways:

  • Equips them with tools and knowledge
  • Teaches them about personal triggers
  • Emergency plans

During treatment, Louisville drug addicts will receive the tools and knowledge they need to make healthy choices that do not involve drugs and alcohol use. Because of this fact, addicts can integrate these lessons into real life situations once treatment is complete. Also, in treatment addicts will receive professional help identifying the triggers that would normally cause them to search use drugs. With this knowledge, addicts can avoid situations in which triggers would be prevalent, which means they can more easily maintain their sobriety. Lastly, before treatment ends, addicts come up with an emergency plan. This plan is used if someone thinks she is on the verge of relapse, or if she has relapsed and must retrace her treatment steps to get back on track.

In other words, you can recover with professional help.

Treatment for Louisville Drug Addicts

If you or a Louisville loved one is considering treatment for drug addiction, then please call our toll-free helpline today. Our admissions coordinators are available 24 hours a day to answer your questions and to help you overcome addiction. There are so many treatment options out there, so call us today to find the best one for your unique needs.

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