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Unemployment and Addiction

Unemployment and AddictionUnemployment is a serious problem in the United States right now. Louisville has been impacted by unemployment just like the rest of the country. Sometimes, though, unemployment is caused by a more personal issue. If substance abuse has affected your employment, your income or your life, there is real help available.

How Addiction and Unemployment Affect Louisville Residents

In the beginning, substance use or addictive behavior may have been under your control. Addiction is a very tricky process. Over time, you may find that your addictive behavior has become worse. Most Louisville addicts did not become addicted overnight. Most people who are addicted have progressed through the stages of addiction without being aware of how dangerous this situation has become.
Addiction does not begin as a choice. Most people turn to drugs or alcohol to ease anxiety, to ease painful memories, or to self-medicate other deeper issues or traumas. Addictive behavior like gambling, compulsive sexual activity, relationships addictions and shopping addictions also have varied and complicated origins. Every addiction story is different. Unfortunately, without treatment, most addiction stories end up the same.

Unemployment is usually one of the last signs of addiction. Once your job and income are affected by addictive behavior, you might find that you are in real trouble. It isn’t too late to turn things around for any Louisville addict.

Addiction Rehabilitation Help for Louisville Residents

Rehab might be a scary thought, especially if you have never been to rehab before. Drug and alcohol rehab exists to help all people overcome the addictions that have taken over their lives. Louisville professionals require rehab just like any other population, and there are a number of addiction treatment choices available to you.

You don’t have to overcome addiction alone. You can explore your options for treatment. You may even want to consider finding treatment outside of the Louisville area. We can help you explore your options to find an affordable and reliable rehabilitation option for yourself or someone you love.

Louisville Addiction Helpline

If you are in Louisville, or if someone you love is in the Louisville area, help is available. We offer a 24 hour, toll-free helpline to get you started. When you call our helpline, we can help you find the following services:

  • Addiction treatment resources
  • Luxury addiction treatment options
  • Insurance coverage for detox and rehab
  • Mental health assistance and treatment
  • Intervention services and resources
  • DWI and DUI assistance
  • Family counseling and family resources

Please call us now to find out how we can help you.

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