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What Are Recovery Schools?

Many high school students struggle during recovery from a drug or alcohol addiction when they return to their home high schools. It is often far too easy to fall back into old routines and patterns with the same friends or social groups that started the addictions in the first place. Not every high school student has the strength to resist the allure of old habits, particularly in the early stages of recovery.

Recovery high schools provide an alternative academic and social environment for high school students in recovery from drug or alcohol addictions. These recovery schools provide an environment for high school students to continue their academic development without the strain or pressure of having to resist drugs and alcohol. Recovery high schools are often on the campus of an existing high school or inpatient recovery center. If you or a loved one in Louisville could benefit from a recovery high school, learn more about these specialized programs.

What Is it Like to Attend a Recovery High School?

Recovery high schools are typically very small, averaging 30 students in the entire population. As a result, students from different grades are usually in the same classroom. Education is generally very individualized to account for this particular feature, as well as the fact that many students have missed large chunks of academic instruction as a result of their recovery.

Recovery high schools have a different staff than typical high schools because of the needs of the school’s population. Typical positions in a recovery high school would include mental health professionals, therapists and substance abuse counselors. These professionals are involved with the students to provide them the best possible opportunity to continue academic progress during recovery, while giving them much-needed support.

It is important to note that most students in a recovery high school are far enough along in their recovery that primary treatment is not needed in the school environment. However, relapses into drug and alcohol use do happen, and the recovery high schools are prepared for this eventuality. Students are not typically subjected to any type of punitive punishment, but rather are continuously supported by the school community as long as they are willing to admit their mistakes and continue to work towards recovery. If a student is regularly dishonest or is unwilling to move into recovery long-term, then a more suitable and rigorous environment may be found for him.

Learn More About Addiction Recovery

If you or someone you love in Louisville is battling a drug or alcohol addiction, we can help you. If you feel like you could use a recovery high school, we can connect you with one. We have trained professionals who can answer your questions. The admission counselors at our toll-free, 24 hour helpline can help you learn more about addiction. They can help you find your way.

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