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What Are the Benefits of Adventure Therapy?

What Are the Benefits of Adventure Therapy?

White-water kayaking is a popular form of adventure therapy

Growing awareness of addiction and mental health problems is leading to increased numbers of and variations in addiction treatment resources. Individuals in Louisville who have not had success with traditional treatment offerings or who do not see such offerings as a fit for their personal recovery needs may benefit from one of many emerging alternative therapy options. One increasingly popular and effective therapy method is adventure therapy.

For therapeutic purposes, an adventure is defined as an experience with an uncertain outcome. Adventure therapy is not a dangerous form of therapy, but it is an active one with many unknowns. Engaging in activities with unknown schedules, factors and conclusions can help those struggling with addiction to learn more about themselves, how they react in certain situations and how they can help, and benefit from the help of, others. The risk involved with adventure therapy helps individuals develop relationships with themselves and others, and this benefits long-term recovery.

Is Adventure Therapy Effective?

A study published in the Journal of Substance Abuse Treatment found that participants in an adventure therapy program experienced a greater sense of autonomy and fewer cravings and negative thoughts than peers in recovery who did not participate in the program. Among the small sample studied, “the 10-month follow-up relapse rate was 31% for the experimental group and 58% for the comparison group” (“Effects of a Therapeutic Camping Program on Addiction Recovery”). Although this study shows a drastic difference in recovery retention rates between those who did and those who did not complete an adventure therapy program, it followed a limited number of participants and was quick to point out that the adventure therapy offered was combined with relapse prevention training and other more traditional forms of substance abuse treatment and therapy. Until further studies can be done to show the immediate and long-term effectiveness of adventure therapy, this form of therapy should remain an important and effective form of secondary support.

Finding Rehab Programs with Adventure Therapy Options

If an active and effective recovery experience sounds like something you or a loved one in Louisville could benefit from, give us a call. We will match you with professional programs that combine adventure therapy, traditional treatment and other recovery elements that match your personal and unique needs for ending addiction and managing mental health. All calls are free and confidential, so please don’t wait to begin the long-term adventure of a sober life. Call us today.

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