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What Expectations Should I Have Going into Rehab?

What Expectations Should I Have Going into Rehab?

Rehab should offer a complete and comprehensive program for recovery

If you or a loved one in Louisville has decided to attend rehab, you may be wondering what to expect from the process. The basic outline of recovery involves detox, rehab, therapy and aftercare, yet this generalized schedule can be customized to fit your unique recovery needs. Detox can be a part of your rehab program, completed in a hospital setting or accomplished through a doctor-approved weaning-off schedule. Aftercare may also be arranged through your rehab program or its alumni resources, or you may choose to find your own local recovery support network. Rehab is more than a short-term program. It should be a complete and comprehensive resource for long-term recovery.

Therapy in Rehab

You will encounter one or many forms of therapy while in rehab, and in quality treatment settings these do not resemble the stark, fluorescent-lit sessions led by bored therapists that you may imagine. Therapy offerings are constantly evolving, and rehab programs will offer the most tried and true resources for recovery accompanied by the most up-to-date, innovative therapies. Therapy in rehab will typically include one-on-one and group sessions that follow more traditional formats, as these forms of therapy have a long history of effectiveness. Professionals may employ Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, motivational interviewing or other therapy techniques. These may come with intimidating-sounding names, but they are designed to make patients feel comfortable and help them explore the causes of addiction and the stumbling blocks to change and recovery that can be overcome for long-term wellness.

Traditional therapy options are often supplemented with alternative therapy options. Nutrition counseling or health coaching may be included to promote optimal physical health in combination with psychological healing. You may choose to receive spa-like treatments such as massage and acupuncture and learn relaxation techniques through meditation or yoga. If an activity-based recovery sounds more like your style, rehab can include equine therapy or adventure trips that foster skills and confidence. Individualized options for recovery are endless, making a drug-free life possible for anyone at any stage of addiction.

Expect the Best from Rehab

No two addictions or individuals are the same, so no two rehab experiences should be the same either. Personalized and professional treatment is an essential component of long-term recovery. After attending a quality rehab program, you can expect to have the information, treatment and support needed for a drug-free life. Let us help you or a loved one in Louisville find the right resources for the recovery journey. Our admissions coordinators are available 24 hours a day to connect you to the rehab programs that offer professional and proven treatment combined with the unique resources that will benefit your journey to wellness. The call is confidential and toll-free, so there’s no reason not to call today.

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