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What Is Community Reinforcement?

What Is Community Reinforcement?Community reinforcement is a type of alcoholism treatment that eliminates positive reinforcement for drinking, and instead discourages drunkenness. Community reinforcement also incorporates other healthy treatments to help alcoholics resist alcohol abuse. Louisville alcoholics can recover from this debilitating condition if they seek professional help.

History of Community Reinforcement Programs

Community reinforcement programs became popular in the 1970s. During the early days of this treatment approach, it came primarily from a club that promoted sobriety that welcomed recovering alcoholics, and/or the spouses or family members of alcoholics. The approach, coupled with a drug that causes unpleasant reactions when alcohol is consumed, was highly successful and continues to have some of strong scientific support. The underlying philosophy of community reinforcement is to rearrange someone’s life so that abstinence is more rewarding than drunkenness. By removing the motivation to drink, Louisville alcoholics can see what life is like without a crippling addiction and they can live in recovery.

Components of Community Reinforcement

Along with the help of family members and a non-drinking club, community reinforcement used a variety of other components to increase program success. For instance, today a Louisville resident in a community reinforcement program can benefit from any of the following treatment methods:

  • A club for employing recovering alcoholics can help Louisville residents find and keep jobs
  • Marital counseling can help the spouses of recovering alcoholics heal from their own issues while also learning to trust their partners again
  • Training for many social skills, like communication, managing anger and receiving constructive criticism to increase confidence when interviewing for a job or in social situations
  • Practice refusing drinks
  • Planning free time. A Louisville alcoholic probably spent considerable time drinking and planning it, so he may need help planning how to live without alcohol dominating his life
  • Help finding a support system that promotes sobriety

Community reinforcement programs continue to be used, but they are only parts of treatment for alcoholism. If you or a Louisville loved one struggles with alcohol abuse, you must realize that you need help to begin the recovery process.

Help for Louisville Alcoholics

The community reinforcement program helps alcoholics and their families increase the chances of recovery. If you or a Louisville loved one needs to overcome alcoholism, we are here to help: call our toll-free, 24 hour helpline to speak with an admissions coordinator. The call is confidential, so seek help now.

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