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What to Expect in Drug Treatment

What to Expect in Drug TreatmentWhen a Louisville resident realizes that he or she has a drug addiction problem, he or she may decide to begin a drug treatment plan. Addiction treatment options vary widely in their scope, style and length. Some plans may be focused on one specific type of drug, while others may be broad enough to address a variety of addictions. They may employ an extensive team of doctors, counselors and support groups. Some plans are designed to last for a few intensive weeks, while others last months or even a year. Finding the type of treatment that works best for an individual is the first step on the road to recovery from a drug addiction.

Beginning Rehabilitation for a Drug Addiction

The first stage of the drug rehab process is checking into a treatment program. Most programs only accept voluntary admissions, although some also accept involuntary admissions. The beginning stage of recovery is difficult for many Louisville residents, as it involves detox and withdrawal symptoms. In detox the body clears itself of the drug, and the person going through detox may experience symptoms ranging from headache to seizures. These symptoms can be intense during the detox process and can make the person not want to continue with the drug treatment. It is important to stay in the program through this time though, since these symptoms often need medical treatment and are only a short-term experience.

Drug Addiction Therapy during Rehabilitation

After a Louisville resident gets through the detox stage of treatment successfully, he or she will begin therapy. This stage of drug addiction treatment normally focuses on the psychology behind the addiction. It attempts to help the person identify why he or she started using the drug in the first place and what aspects of his or her life make it more tempting to use the drug. Therapy might come in the form of meeting alone with a counselor, meeting with a small group of friends or family members or joining a group of fellow recovering addicts. Each type of therapy is focused on encouraging the person trying to recover by letting him or her know that he or she is not alone in the recovery process and that a new life free from drugs is possible.

Life in Louisville after Drug Rehabilitation

Once a person has completed the short-term treatment part of a drug rehab program, he or she must return to regular life in Louisville. This part of the recovery process can be challenging and overwhelming at times, so the person should make plans to outsmart temptation. He or she can do this by creating a healthier lifestyle that avoids the drug and its temptations as much as possible by finding supportive friends and family members and by learning coping skills to deal with any temptations.

How to Find the Best Drug Treatment for Louisville Residents

Deciding to get treatment for a drug addiction is a great step towards an addiction-free life in Louisville. While the treatment process can be difficult, it is worth the challenge. If you are thinking about getting help for your drug addiction, call us today. We are available 24 hours a day to help you uncover the treatment plan that will best help you towards recovery. Call our toll-free number today.

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