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Why There Is More to Recovery than Sobriety

Why There Is More to Recovery than Sobriety

Aftercare and a healthy routine can help a patient stay sober

Addiction recovery involves much more than just spending some time in a rehab center. Some Louisville residents may mistakenly believe that becoming sober, or a short detox time will lead to a complete cure from addiction.

The reality is that maintaining sobriety is a lifelong process. To maintain recovery from addiction or substance abuse, the patient needs to do more than just get sober. Lasting recovery involves emotional healing, psychological support, and a constantly practicing the many techniques and strategies learned in rehab in order to avoid relapse to remain healthy.

Why Maintaining Sobriety Is Not Enough

To maintain recovery, a newly sober person must do more than simply stay away from harmful substances. Although staying away from the addiction is something positive, that effort by itself can be tiring and tedious, leading in some instances to a relapse if the former addict does not really see the benefit of staying sober.

For example, a person might be clean from drugs after the treatment is over, but as soon as he is back to his normal life he may continue having family problems and stress over financial difficulties. Assuming that those were factors leading to the addiction, just a desire to stay clean will hardly be enough. The right approach would be continuing to get counseling and therapy to mend and learn how to have healthier family relationships, cope better with stress or handle other issues while dealing with difficulties.

But avoiding relapse involves even more. Some have found it beneficial to have family counseling and other forms of support for the whole family. This is useful because addiction recovery relies heavily on the support that can be obtained from others, especially members of the household and close friends.

Opting for some sort of aftercare program, outpatient rehab or support group can help recovering addicts in Louisville stay sober and continue improving in other aspects of life. Treatment centers usually help patients see the importance of having a healthier lifestyle after treatment—which involves a productive routine with many rewards.

Addiction Recovery Through a Productive Routine

The main aspect of a productive routine is, for most of the addicts in recovery, obtaining and maintaining a job. In order to maintain recovery it is necessary to keep the mind and body busy during the day. A job is not only a perfect way to regain financial balance, but also it’s the perfect aid when transitioning back to a normal life.

Hobbies and other types of healthy activities are also productive ways to spend any free time. Hobbies are important to all of us, and finding new ways to spend time and energy can create a more optimistic outlook on the days to come.

Need Help to Recover from Addiction or Maintain Sobriety?

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