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Why You Can’t Learn Everything after One Day in Rehab

Why You Can't Learn Everything after One Day in Rehab It takes time to for your body and mind to recover and detox from drug abuse and the underlying issues surrounding addiction. Treatment involves uncovering what caused a person to use, learning alternative solutions, and treating any underlying genetic causes and mental health issues. People often use drugs as a way to avoid processing or confronting painful situations and feelings, and treatment will help patients from Louisville learn to deal with these issues in a more positive way.

Why Addiction Treatment Takes Time for Some Louisville Residents

Addiction is a progressive disease that affects behavior, and learning new behavioral skills can take time. Every person from Louisville is unique, and certain underlying causes may take longer to treat in some individuals. Counselors need time with patients to learn their needs and build trust in order to treat them properly. Many symptoms of co-occurring disorders, such as anxiety, depression and mood swings are similar to the effects of addiction, and a baseline of behavior and brain chemistry must be achieved before effective diagnosis and treatment can begin.

Benefits of Different Lengths of Rehab for Louisville Residents

The following are some traditional program lengths and the benefits of each:

  • 30-day treatment: 30 days is a typical program length at many treatment centers. During this time, a Louisville resident will physically detox from the effects of addiction, and their brain chemistry will begin to recover from any changes. Counselors will help uncover the causes of addiction in each individual, and help them learn to deal with these issues going forward, without the use of drugs.
  • 60-day treatment: Similar to a 30-day course of treatment, a 60-day rehab program will begin to treat any uncovered mental health issues. Treatment focuses on learning new behaviors and finding new ways to cope with symptoms of depression, anxiety and other disorders.
  • 90-day treatment: 90-day treatment plans are often most successful for long-term recovery. These plans treat any underlying mental health issues and assist patients with transitioning back to normal life in Louisville. There may be a progression of social and community involvement to give the patient more independence over time.

While 90-day treatment plans are often the most successful, shorter periods of treatment are still beneficial, especially for those in the earlier stages of addiction who are experiencing fewer symptoms of co-occurring disorders. Many treatment centers will offer an extension of treatment if the patient’s needs require it.

Why Aftercare Is Important for Those in Louisville

After leaving rehab, it is important to continue the recovery process with a relapse prevention plan for your life back in Louisville. Many treatment centers offer follow-up care as part of treatment to ensure a patient’s long-term recovery. This can include having the former patient mentor others who are just beginning to take steps into recovery, or having them attend follow-up counseling. Aftercare involves learning new activities that are enjoyable without drugs or alcohol, understanding how to deal with stress in a positive way and avoiding temptation to relapse. Aftercare may also include family counseling to improve communication and reduce stress in the home.

Rehab Treatment for Louisville Residents

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