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Louisville Drug Treatment Specialties

Louisville Drug Treatment SpecialtiesDrug addicts come from all kinds of backgrounds with varying levels of addiction and drug types. There is no one-size-fits-all drug treatment style and facility. Some individuals require more supervision during the rehabilitation process. Some drugs require a specific type of intervention for successfully moving forward toward a drug-free lifestyle. The difference in treatment specialties includes the length of stay, cost, type of facilities and programs offered. In general, all drug treatment specialties have the same basic format:

  • Detox: a process of clearing the drug out of your body
  • Counseling:  recognizing and evaluating the cause of the addiction
  • Follow-up Support:  programs designed to assist you in returning to and living sober in your world

Types of Drug Treatment Specialties

  • Alcoholism Treatment: Alcoholism is often an addiction bound in deception. The alcoholic will deny being out of control and assert that she/he can stop at any time. Refusal of the addict to recognize irrational behavior because of drinking is frustrating for friends or family making an effort to get help for the alcoholic. Facilities specializing in the treatment of alcoholism offer intervention with an understanding of the unique problems alcoholics present. Care and support are personalized to the level of addiction and any other issues related to alcohol consumption.
  • Prescription Drug Treatment: The abuse of prescription drugs, such as Vicodin and OxyContin, is on the rise. These medications prescribed for patients dealing with pain carry risks when taken according to directions. Use outside of prescription guidelines drastically increases the potential for serious or deadly consequences. High-quality specialized centers for detox and treatment of prescription drug addicts are available all across the country for Louisville residents.
  • Illegal Drug Treatment: Illegal drug use, such as marijuana, cocaine and crystal meth, is rampant across the nation. Facilities specializing in the treatment of addiction understand the need for providing for the whole person. Drugs affect the way the brain processes information, the emotions and the physical condition of the body.

Drug Addiction Treatment Facilities for Louisville Addicts

  • Inpatient: Inpatient facilities offer full-time care 24 hours a day. The recovering addict lives inside the facility throughout the program.
  • Outpatient: Outpatient facilities offer group and individual sessions to help recovering addicts stay sober.
  • Sober Living Homes: Sober living homes specialize in providing a safe environment for transitioning from extensive inpatient therapy to living in the real world. Recovering addicts with a tendency to relapse or addicts with a long history of severely debilitating addiction may have an improved chance of living sober if they opt to stay in such a facility for a period of time.

If you or a family member needs treatment for drug addiction, finding a drug treatment facility that addresses your specific addiction type will provide the greatest potential for reaching and living a life of sobriety.

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