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5 Job-Related Excuses for Avoiding Addiction Treatment

5 Job-Related Excuses for Avoiding Addiction TreatmentOne of the most pronounced and consistent symptoms of psychological addiction is the cultivation of excuse after excuse for avoiding treatment. The more established and entrenched a person’s addiction is, the more consistently his or her brain will manufacture reasons to delay getting clean. The following is a list of 5 common job-related excuses for delaying or avoiding addiction treatment:

1.      I can’t afford rehab.

One of the most common excuses for delaying rehab is that the individual believes that he or she can’t afford it. Most people who use this excuse grossly overestimate the cost of rehab and fail to understand that most health insurance policies cover treatment to some extent. Our admissions coordinators can help you confirm your insurance coverage and get you the best possible treatment at a fraction of the expected cost. Even without insurance, the cost of continued substance abuse will almost certainly cost more in the long run.

2.      I can’t afford time off.

Many of the most effective treatment programs involve a minimum of 25 to 30 days of inpatient treatment. Addicts often use the time off excuse even though continued abuse will greatly diminish their effectiveness on the job. There are laws on the books that prevent a person from being denied adequate healthcare due to time off limitations. Our staff can help you understand your right to treatment and can make sure that your employer understands the laws related to this. Most employers, however, need little convincing as a sober workforce is far better to their bottom line.

3.      Rehab may look bad on my resume.

Some addicts fear that getting help for addiction will be a black mark on their resume. They are resolved to get clean on their own, but the urge to get high is more powerful than their determination. Instead of placing themselves in the care of addiction recovery experts for a month or two, they endure a pattern of detox and relapse that will certainly look worse over time. Many addicts also rack up a criminal record due to driving under the influence or committing another crime in their search for more drugs.

4.      Admitting that I need help will hurt my competitive advantage at work.

It is very common for employees to be constantly thinking about career advancement and corporate competition as they work. They may fear that if they take time to get clean it will reflect badly on their chances. As with the previous excuses, though, failure to get treatment will almost surely result in a reduction in productivity and edge. If you want to set yourself up for the best possible competitive advantage in your workplace, make sure to get clean and do all of the necessary work to stay clean for the long haul

5.      I can quit using when work slows down.

One of the most common lies addicts tell themselves must surely be that they don’t have a problem in the first place. Their inability to stay clean, they surmise, is more about the deadlines at the office than about actual addiction. This denial is a hallmark of psychological addiction and can be one of the most problematic obstacles to recovery.

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