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6 Ways that Addiction Is the Same Across the World

6 Ways that Addiction Is the Same Across the World

Underlying causes for drug abuse and addiction are common across the world

The causes behind initial drug abuse and the formation of addiction remain the same around the world, regardless of the type of drug being abused. Because of that fact, Louisville residents can see their need for addiction help if they use drugs for any of the following reasons:

  • Peer pressure – This issue is one of the most common reasons behind initial and continued drug abuse among adolescents. An adolescent’s desire to fit in with her peers is a typical reason to try and continue doing drugs, even against her better judgment. Adolescents often do not realize what they are getting into with certain drugs, as continual peer pressure often leads to addiction or consumption of lethal drug combinations and doses.
  • Euphoria – The desire to numb the senses is another common reason that Louisville residents may abuse drugs. Many users consistently seek different drugs for no other reason than to get high. Drugs often allow abusers to experience a temporary state of euphoria that entices them to keep coming back to drugs when the high wears off. Chasing a high is what typically leads drug abusers to develop a tolerance for a substance, and tolerance can lead to physical dependence and eventually addiction.
  • Self-medicating – Chronic pain and other physical conditions often cause people to self-medicate their pain with narcotic painkillers. The pain relief that is experienced is similar to those who chase a high: tolerance forms for the pain relieving effects, which leads to physical dependence and addiction. Prescription pain pills are some of the most widely abused substances in the world with one of the largest percentages of addicts, which means a Louisville drug addict may have ready access to these drugs.
  • Experimenting – Louisville residents from all walks of life engage in recreational and experimental drug use. Experimental use often starts with less harmful substances, sometimes known as gateway drugs, but using these drugs eventually leads to the abuse of serious narcotics, like heroin and cocaine. Using drugs in this way can quickly become a lifestyle, especially if drug users experiment with other drugs by mixing them and testing the dosage limits. These acts commonly lead to accidental overdose and death.
  • Co-occurring mental illnesses – Depression, anxiety disorders and schizophrenia are common mental illnesses that co-occur with drug addiction. The symptoms associated with common mental illnesses can cause people to try different drugs to find relief. The self-medicating process typically leads to physical and psychological dependence and addiction, so Louisville drug addicts with mental health problems will need specialized help to address both problems at the same time.
  • Trauma – Many forms of trauma can lead to drug abuse and addiction, including childhood physical or sexual abuse, surviving physical or sexual assault in adulthood, posttraumatic stress disorder, natural disasters and the loss of a loved one. Traumatic events like these can influence Louisville residents to abuse drugs or alcohol to cope, but these acts can lead to dependence and addiction.

Immediately seek professional treatment from a licensed rehab facility to avoid the health risks associated with continued drug abuse and addiction.

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