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Addiction and Mental Illness in the Suburbs

Addiction and Mental Illness in the Suburbs

People living in the suburbs of Louisville can be just as affected by addiction as inner city residents

Drug addiction can affect people of all socio-economic sectors of the population. People living in the suburbs of Louisville can be just as affected by addiction as inner city residents. Drug addiction also commonly co-occurs with other mental health disorders such as anxiety and depression. Co-occurring disorders are becoming more easily diagnosed and treated. There are more than 23 specialized Dual Diagnosis treatment centers in and around Louisville that offer professional treatment for co-occurring substance abuse and mental health disorders.

Why Are Suburban Residents at Risk for Addiction?

The prevalence of co-occurring disorders in suburban areas continues to increase as prescription drug use grows. Some of the different ways that suburban areas are affected by co-occurring disorders of drug addiction and mental illness include the following:

  • Highly educated and high earning suburban areas have shown a significant increase in prescription drug abuse and resulting mental health problems over the last two decades
  • Suburban areas typically have easier access and availability to desirable prescription drugs like stimulants and opioids for recreational use and abuse
  • Teenagers in suburban areas are commonly able to find desirable prescription drugs in their parents’ medicine cabinets
  • According to an article in “Psychology Today,” teenagers growing up in high income suburban areas report more cases of substances abuse and mental health problems such as anxiety and depression than similar age groups living in urban areas
  • The same article reports that suburban teenage girls starting in the seventh grade or higher are three times more likely than the average teenage girl to develop clinical depression
  • Suburban teenagers report a significantly higher link between substance abuse and anxiety or depression, leading experts to believe that suburban youth have higher rates of self-medicating with drugs and alcohol
  • The majority of teenage heroin addicts are upper-class Caucasians living in suburban areas

Many upper class suburban teenagers are damaged by the excessive pressure from parents to succeed and accomplish great things. Many of these teenagers do not receive adequate family time and supervision as both parents typically work excessive hours. The result of this lifestyle can lead teenagers to develop depression and anxiety, which they then self-medicate with prescription drugs. These co-occurring disorders often go unnoticed and can result in the development of severe drug addictions and worsened mental health problems. Some signs and symptoms of co-occurring disorders are included in the following:

  • Excessive mood swings
  • Significant weight changes
  • Significant personality changes
  • Loss of interest in hobbies or daily activities
  • Excessive spending habits
  • Change in friends
  • Decreased performance at work or school
  • Trouble sleeping
  • Suspicious or avoidant behavior

Untreated co-occurring disorders can lead to significant health risks including a potentially life-threatening situation such as overdose or suicide attempt. Seeking out and receiving immediate professional treatment at a licensed Dual Diagnosis treatment facility is essential to avoiding the numerous health risks of continued drug abuse and untreated mental health disorders.

Need Help Finding Treatment for Co-Occurring Disorders?

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