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Addictive Behavior

Addictive BehaviorAddictive behavior doesn’t necessarily mean drug abuse, however addictive behaviors can create a high risk for falling into addiction in the future. Perhaps you have heard the term “addictive personality.” This typically refers to a person who isn’t addicted to drugs or alcohol currently, but shows traits in other areas of life that could lead to drug or alcohol addiction. Knowing these behaviors and the destruction they can lead to can help you prevent addiction in yourself or a loved one. Being honest about yourself and the dangerous behaviors that your personality could lead to is responsible. Many Louisville residents have told themselves they “would never do drugs” or “are in control of their drinking” on the way to damaging addictions. Being proactive and having the courage to get help sooner than later is the way to stay healthy or beat addiction before it gets too far.

What Are Addictive Behaviors?

According to a paper written by Indiana University professor Ruth C. Engs, an addictive behavior is, “any activity, substance, object or behavior that has become the major focus of a person’s life to the exclusion of other activities or has begun to harm the individual or others physically, mentally or socially.” As you can imagine, this can encompass a lot of behaviors that do not include drugs or alcohol. Some behaviors listed by Engs include gambling, sex, exercise, shopping or eating disorders. Some behaviors that can be good can be a sign of risk for addiction, in particular exercise. While the effort put toward staying healthy is a good thing, the type of personality that leads to that obsession can become bad and lead to other destructive behaviors. Many Louisville residents can seem to simply enjoy an activity when the enjoyment actually borders on addiction.

Signs of Addictive Behavior in Louisville

The signs of addictive behavior are, naturally, similar to the signs of a drug addiction. Make no mistake, just because a Louisville resident is addicted to something other than drugs or alcohol doesn’t mean that the behavior won’t be harmful. Moreover, addictive behavior in one area can lead to the same behavior in another, such as drugs. Some signs of addictive behavior include the following:

  • Obsession – the activity or object becomes a priority over other responsibilities, family or friends.
  • Loss of self-control with regards to the activity – a quick stop into the mall turns into a shopping spree, a friendly game of cards turns into high stakes poker.
  • Denial – when people downplay negative aspects of their behavior that are obvious to those around them.
  • Withdrawal – when it comes to drugs or alcohol this is a physical symptom, but it can occur with other addictions as well in the form of boredom, mood swings, and depression.

Help with Addictive Behaviors for Louisville Residents

Addictive behaviors can quickly lead to drug or alcohol addiction. If you live in Louisville and fear that you or someone you love might be at risk for drug addiction or is already struggling with such an addiction, getting treatment now is the way to prevent further damage to your life, your body and your loved ones. Waiting to get help is not an option if your health is a priority. Call today to speak with a counselor on our 24 hour toll-free helpline. We can offer an addiction assessment which will allow us to better serve you, and we can also offer a free analysis of your insurance plan to determine what coverage you can expect. Call today.

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