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Louisville Alcoholism Treatment

Louisville Alcoholism TreatmentSymptoms of alcoholism or alcohol abuse include the inability to limit your alcohol intake, feeling and submitting to a strong compulsion to drink, forgetting commitments and requiring more alcohol to obtain the desired effects. Risks involved with developing alcoholism include a family history of alcoholism, mental health disorders such as depression or anxiety, and drinking at a young age. Complications can include liver disorders, bone loss, heart problems, sexual dysfunction, digestive problems, reduced judgment, automobile accidents and domestic violence. Many alcoholics are reluctant to seek treatment because of the difficulty in admitting there is a problem. If you or someone you love in Louisville need help with alcoholism treatment, make the choice to seek help from a professional rehab treatment center before it’s too late.

What Is Detox for Alcoholism?

Detoxification and withdrawal is best when done through inpatient treatment. Withdrawal symptoms for alcoholism include confusion, shaking, hallucinations, convulsions and possibly death. While most will experience mild to moderate symptoms, heavy drinkers for a sustained length of time may have severe life-threatening symptoms. Detoxification may take from three to seven days. Sedative medications may be given to prevent or control the withdrawal effects.

Alcoholism Treatment Options for Louisville Residents

Once detox and withdrawal are completed, other specialists in the treatment of alcoholism continue to help alcoholics through the process on the road to recovery. Behavior modification techniques, counseling and therapy are programs available to assist in living with sobriety. Psychological counseling through group, individual and family therapy sessions will help you find the mental and social support you need through the recovery process. Three medications have been approved for use in treating alcoholism and include:

  • Antabuse makes you sick if you consume alcohol.
  • Naltrexone prevents the brain from the effects of alcohol and reduces craving.
  • Acamprosate helps with the discomfort experienced when alcohol consumption stops.

Alcoholism treatment options are provided as inpatient and outpatient services. Choosing the best one for you or someone you love depends on the circumstances and location. For some, it may work best to complete the program away from the influence of familiar surroundings. For others, keeping close to home may be an acceptable choice.

Follow-up Care for Louisville Alcoholics

There are many support groups, such as Alcoholics Anonymous, with a reputation for helping alcoholics live in sobriety. Once you have completed the necessary treatment options to obtain sobriety, your counselors will help you locate the most appropriate follow-up program to reintegrate you into society. If support groups are not enough to help you maintain sobriety, you may need a further structured environment, such as a sober house, to make the transition.

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