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Benefits of Drug Testing After Addiction Treatment

Benefits of Drug Testing After Addiction TreatmentProfessional aftercare is a critical element of successful addiction treatment. As recovering addicts leave the protective environment of residential rehab, they will experience many situations that tempt them to use drugs, so they must have accountability to resist using. Although most recovering addicts feel confident about their ability to stay clean, relapse is painfully common, so Louisville residents must learn to stay clean and have methods that promote sobriety. One of the most effective relapse prevention tools is an ongoing testing regimen with outlined consequences for failure.

Why Addicts Need Drug Testing after Addiction Treatment

While recovering addicts may dislike drug tests, the built in accountability of such tests can have incredible results. Knowing that they must submit to a revealing test can powerfully deter use, because a failed drug test may yield any of the following consequences:

  • Housing assistance at home or in a recovery house may be withdrawn due to a failed test
  • Failed tests made jeopardize a recovering addict’s employment
  • Many criminal courts minimize consequences of guilt if an addict proves sober in several drug tests
  • Recovering addicts usually don’t want to disappoint their friends and loved ones, which can help them stay clean even if they begin to rationalize additional use

Drug testing is quite effective when conducted on a predictable basis with occasional surprise tests. It is also important that failed tests result in immediate and previously established consequences. This provides a critical bottom line that Louisville recovering addicts can refer to when they are tempted to relapse. The most common and effective drug tests usually involve sampling blood, hair or saliva, so there is no way to falsify results.

Some recovering addicts look forward to random or scheduled drug tests, because it proves to others that they really have changed. This means that Louisville drug addicts may come to see every passed test result as a badge of honor, because it creates an opportunity for celebration. Friends and family can reinforce this as a part of their encouragement efforts, and support from friends and family will go a long way to encourage continued sobriety.

Drug Testing in Ongoing Addiction Recovery

As powerful as these drug tests deter relapse, they are most effective when they are a part of program that includes the following methods:

  • Individual counseling
  • One on one meetings with a recovery coach or sponsor
  • Support group meetings
  • Family counseling sessions
  • Activities designed to prevent idle time
  • Other sources of accountability, including time management, financial planning, skill development and opportunities to serve others

If Louisville residents have these benefits, they may recover and stay that way for the long haul.

Help for Louisville Drug Addicts

If you live in Louisville and would like more information about aftercare, call our 24 hour, toll-free helpline anytime. Our admissions coordinators can answer of your questions and help you find the best aftercare program for your unique needs. If you want to stay clean, remember that drug tests are a great boon. Psychological addiction is powerful and it promotes relapse, so reach out for professional support if you feel any desire to relapse.

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