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Causes of Drug Addiction

Causes of Drug AddictionNo Louisville resident wants to become addicted to a drug. Most people don’t even consciously choose to move from drug use to abuse. Instead multiple factors in a person’s life work together to lead to his or her drug addiction. The most common factors relate to environmental, physical and psychological problems in the drug addict’s life in Louisville.

Environmental Causes of Drug Addiction in Louisville

The environment that a person grows up in can have a huge impact on his or her decision to use or not use drugs. A person who lives in a home where a family member has an addiction is more likely to become a drug addict. This connection may be partially genetic, but it is clear that children with drug-abusing parents are more likely to abuse drugs themselves. They see drug use normalized, and they have easier access to drugs than other young people in Louisville.

Children living with drugs in their home are not the only ones whose environments make them more susceptible to drug addiction. Anyone who has access to drugs or is surrounded by an environment that supports or at least accepts drug use has a greater potential for developing a drug addiction.

Physical Causes of Drug Addiction in Louisville

When a Louisville resident uses a drug, the functioning and chemical makeup of his or her brain often changes. Some drugs such as cocaine physically alter the way chemicals work in the brain, making the brain develop a dependency on that drug. When this happens, a person feels that he or she must have that drug in order to function.

Psychological Causes of Drug Addiction in Louisville

Dealing with difficult psychological problems can lead a person to a drug addiction. Depression, anxiety and other mental health concerns often have symptoms that are hard to manage. Instead of getting proper medication and treatment some Louisville residents use drugs as a way to combat the negative effects of their mental illness. This self-medication only works temporarily and can worsen negative mental health symptoms.

Louisville Residents Can Find Help for a Drug Addiction

Recognizing that there are contributors to a person’s decision to do drugs is the first step to overcoming a drug addiction. The next step is to seek help. Call our toll-free helpline to learn more about your options for recovery. We are available 24 hours a day to help you get your life in Louisville back, so please call now.

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