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Louisville Cocaine Addiction Treatment Programs

Louisville Cocaine Addiction Treatment ProgramsCocaine, an extremely addictive stimulant, is either freebase or hydrochloride salt. The powdered form, or hydrochloride salt, is dissolved in water for use either by injection into a vein or inhalation through the nose. The freebase form, known as crack, is inhaled through smoking. The effects of crack occur within as few as 10 seconds after inhalation. Initial effects include an increase in heart rate, energy, temperature and blood pressure. Long-term effects include mood disorders, addiction, paranoia and irritability. Medical conditions associated with cocaine use include heart attacks, respiratory failure, strokes, nausea, seizures and heart rhythm irregularities.

Types of Cocaine Treatment Centers

Cocaine addicts present for treatment with a wide spectrum of needs including social, environmental, familial and pharmacological. Less severe addiction may be treated successfully on an outpatient basis, especially if there are no underlying mental health problems or other addictions to treat. Residential treatment may be the preferred method, particularly if you or the person you are encouraging to seek treatment need separation from the sources for obtaining the cocaine, or if other addictions or conditions exist. Withdrawal symptoms, such as suicidal thoughts, depression, nightmares, fatigue, sleeplessness, uneasiness and irritability can last for months, which make kicking the habit difficult.

Treatment Programs for Louisville Cocaine Addicts

Long-term success for Louisville cocaine addicts to live drug-free requires a diligent and sometimes lengthy rehabilitation treatment program, such as a year or longer. Inpatient and outpatient programs can be personalized to meet your needs related to withdrawal, detox and counseling so you can understand situations to avoid and develop coping skills to move forward. Since there are no medications available for treating cocaine addiction, cocaine treatment is complex. Treatment programs offered to Louisville residents or family members living with cocaine addiction include behavioral therapies, 12-step programs, support groups, family therapy and vocational classes to help in returning to society. Treatment programs are available for as long as needed to help you or your family member avoid a relapse into cocaine use.

Life After Addiction for Louisville Addicts

As a recovering addict, you may feel reluctant to return to your family and friends, even though you have successfully completed the treatment programs. Cocaine is a highly addicting drug, and some Louisville addicts require more intense treatment than others do. This is especially true if you have a Dual Diagnosis in which you are addicted to more than one substance or you have some type of mental disease, such as depression, bipolar disease or anxiety disorder. Maintain contact with support groups or counselors for as long as needed to remain sober.

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