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Louisville Crystal Meth Rehab Treatment

Crystal Meth RehabCrystal meth, a form of methamphetamine, is a highly addictive and dangerous stimulant. The high from crystal meth can last from as few as 20 minutes to up to 12 hours. The crystalline appearance gives this methamphetamine the street name of crystal meth, also known as glass, ice, tweak and crystal. While most of the production of crystal meth comes from drug-trafficking cartels, some users cook it in their homes or garages. This is extremely dangerous as the manufacturing process is potentially explosive and toxic. As a Schedule II stimulant, it is at high risk for potential abuse. Since tolerance levels develop quickly, abusers become addicted quickly by increasing the dosage and frequency of use. This central nervous system stimulant releases dopamine which enhances mood. Methods of intake include snorting, smoking and intravenous injection.

Why Get Rehab Treatment for Crystal Meth Addiction?

Crystal meth is a rapidly addictive stimulant; continued use leads to the need for higher doses which can lead to death. As the tolerance builds, more crystal meth is required to experience the euphoria and exhilaration caused by the drug. Dangerous physical effects of crystal meth include a sudden rise in body temperature, increased heart rate, paranoia and agitation. Crystal meth burns the part of the brain associated with the pleasure senses — the production of dopamine and norephinephrine. Once the drug is stopped, it is common for depression to become so pronounced that suicide is frequently a choice. Addiction to crystal meth is so controlling that relapse is common. A professionally staffed treatment center for crystal meth addiction is the best option for a chance at living a drug-free life.

What Happens at Crystal Meth Rehab?

Rehabilitation at a facility for treatment of crystal meth addition begins with a complete evaluation to determine the extent of the addiction — how much is used and how long the use has been occurring. If you or someone you love in Louisville is using crystal meth, inpatient rehab is the best way to get appropriate treatment. This removes the addict from the environment in which the drug was supplied and the associates who facilitated the addiction. For repeat relapse treatment, a stay of more than 30 days is recommended.

The detox period occurs before any rehabilitation can begin, and the entire detox process should be supervised by medical professionals. Once detox is complete, the rehabilitation process can begin. Some of the opportunities offered throughout rehab include therapists to help the addict work through the feelings of confusion, anger and pain associated with addiction, nutritionists to develop and monitor a healthy diet, 12-step programs for maintaining a drug-free lifestyle and aftercare treatment plans for continued success.

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