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Dangers of Looking for Acceptance through Drug Use

Dangers of Looking for Acceptance through Drug UseThe need to feel loved and accepted can be a significant force, and many Louisville residents will go to great lengths to achieve that feeling, even if it means engaging in behavior they might come to regret. Many people, especially teenagers, can suffer from low self-esteem or feel like they do not fit in. These individuals may unfortunately turn to drugs as a way to find acceptance in a particular social circle. While this may seem like a temporary solution, it is ultimately a path that will end in destruction.

How a Louisville Resident’s Need for Acceptance Can Contribute to Drug Use

An individual who is struggling in social situations may feel awkward or shy and desire approval, especially from people who are perceived as being popular. In many cases, those who use drugs form a tight-knit group in order to aid each other in acquiring more illicit substances and hide their use from authority figures. For a Louisville resident who is struggling socially, this may present an easy opportunity to feel like part of a group. By simply using the drugs that the other individuals in the group use, he or she has an immediate shared interest and activity with the other group members and may be accepted by that group.

Why Drugs Are Not the Answer for Louisville Residents

While feeling accepted may seem important, it is not worth developing an addiction to drugs. Using drugs a few times socially may not appear to be risky, but many drugs can lead to addiction after just one use. Additionally, there is no way to predict how your body might react to the presence of a mind-altering substance. While under the influence, Louisville residents may have no control over the mistakes that they might make. If an addiction occurs, it can become an obsession to the detriment of many other aspects of your life. You are likely to destroy the relationships that you have, along with your health, finances and career. If left untreated, addiction can potentially lead to death.

How Professional Treatment Can Help Louisville Residents

It is crucial that any Louisville residents struggling with addiction receive comprehensive rehab treatment. Treatment should address not only the physical addiction through a program of detox but also any underlying mental or emotional issues that might be contributing to the addiction. If you were using drugs as a way to find social acceptance, you can benefit from finding a new source of support and acceptance. A support group can be helpful in providing contact with others who can relate and understand what you are going through. You can also use recovery as an opportunity to pursue healthy activities that interest you and make new friends. The professionals in rehab can help you through these steps and give you the tools and support you need to form healthy relationships and lead a happy life without drugs.

Drug Abuse Help for Louisville Residents

If you or someone you love in Louisville is using drugs to fit in, please call our toll-free helpline now. Our counselors are available 24 hours a day to answer your questions and help connect you with the right treatment program for your situation. Please call now.

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