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Dealing with a Loved One’s Overdose

Dealing with a Loved One's OverdoseOverdose is a life-threatening occurrence. If your loved one has overdosed on medication or illegal drugs, he is very fortunate to be still alive. However, this means that you need to step in immediately if you do not want the next instance to be fatal. Drug abuse only escalates when allowed to continue unchecked, and an addiction that has progressed far enough to cause an overdose once, is likely to do so again.

When Overdose Is Not the Result of Addiction

Admittedly, not all drug overdoses can be blamed on a long-standing pattern of substance abuse. Some drugs, such as inhalants, can induce coma, permanent brain damage, or death at the first use if taken in a great enough concentration. Other drugs, such as barbiturates, which are safe when administered under medical direction, may stay in the user’s body longer than he is aware. Consequently, if Louisville residents are careless about taking a precise dose, or assume that taking a little bit more than the prescription carries no harm, they risk their bodies becoming overwhelmed by the built-up toxin and their bodies may shut down. Sometimes such an instance of respiratory depression, cardiac arrest, or other damage can leave permanent consequences even if no confirmed habit of drug abuse had set in at the time of overdose.

When Overdose Is the Result of Addiction

Even though evidence for drug dependence may be scarce at the time of overdose, a subsequent search for drug paraphernalia, multiple prescriptions, or other evidences of substance abuse may be the necessary first step towards preventing such a dependence from developing in Louisville residents. If addiction is a confirmed part of your loved one’s life, however, your involvement will be even more crucial. Do not try to face the issue alone; assemble a support team of trustworthy family members and close friends to keep you and the addict accountable. Then when it is time to confront the addict, you will not bear the entire emotional burden yourself. Even if you feel responsible, you cannot and should not attempt to shoulder that much stress. Proactive counseling may be a good idea as well, to ensure you are healthy and stable enough to support your loved one.

Help is Available for Louisville Residents in Need of Overdose and Addiction Treatment

If you are a Louisville resident in need of a listening ear and guidance in helping your loved one recover from overdose, you can call our toll-free helpline any time, 24 hours a day, and receive confidential and professional advice from our experienced counselors. You don’t have to face your challenges alone, so call us today and let us help.

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