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Do I Live In a High Drug Use Area?

Do I Live In a High Drug Use Area?

People coming and going at odd hours is a common sign of drug sales

Some Louisville residents may wonder whether they live in a high drug use area. There are many resources available to help residents determine the overall crime and drug-use rates in their neighborhood.

Characteristics of Drug Use

One way to find out is to evaluate the activity in your neighborhood. Because dealers typically sell small quantities of drugs to multiple people, dealing locations often have high customer traffic at all hours of the day and night. The following list describes signs of drug activity that a neighbor may observe:

  • Increased traffic
  • Regular activity at extremely late hours
  • Lack of familiarity between homeowner and visitors
  • Odd car behavior

Increased or heavy traffic can include cars and people on foot who stop by the home for only brief periods of time. Traffic may also increase on the weekends or late at night, or be minimal for a few days and become intense for a period of a few days, more commonly around pay-days. Regular activity and people coming and going at odd hours is a common sign of drug sales and use, especially if it is during the weeknights. Also, the individuals visiting the homeowner or tenant may appear to be acquaintances rather than friends. Visitors may remain in the car for a while after leaving the residence or may even leave one person in the car while the other enters the residence. Visitors may also go as far as to park around the corner or a few blocks away and approach the residence on foot.

Resources to Find Online

Not all online resources are created equally.  Included in the following are some examples of online resources that can help individuals find local crime rates in a particular area:

  • LouisvilleKy.gov
  • Spotcrime.com
  • Online newspapers

LouisvilleKy.gov is a website which shows the number of crimes committed throughout the region within a three months period. Crimes can also be reported anonymously through this site, which is beneficial if one suspects his neighbor as a dealer, distributor, manufacturer, or user. Spotcrime.com is another site that reports crimes from theft to arson.  Once the user clicks on an icon on the map, the website gives the exact address and date the crime was committed along with a street view of the approximate area where the crime was committed. Online newspapers are also useful in that they report crimes that occur in your local city. Some online newspapers also include booking photos of the suspected perpetrators to better inform the community.

Drug Abuse Treatment

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