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Do People Recover from Addiction?

Do People Recover from Addiction?Struggling with addiction can test a person’s resolve to continue seeking treatment. The withdrawal symptoms and psychological cravings may be too much at times. If Louisville residents only knew an addiction is completely treatable and a healthy, happy life awaits, all the treatments in the world would be worth the time and energy invested.

The Difference between a Cure for and Recovery from Addiction

A cure is the way antibiotics treat a bacterial infection, because there is no chance of the infection returning. The way chemotherapy treats cancer is considered a form of recovery, because the cancer and its effects are gone, but they can both return. Addiction recovery is the same in that, although a Louisville resident quits using, the threat of relapse is still present. Because there is no cure for addiction, a recovering addict must continue treatment to stay focused on sobriety and avoid relapse.

What Addiction Recovery Looks Like

When Louisville residents recover from addiction, their old lives of drug use and the people associated with it are gone. A recovering addict may seem like a new person. People recovering from addiction will make mistakes and struggle with addiction, but these people will never lose their ultimate focus on sobriety. The people in a recovering addict’s life will see the positive, healthy changes that result from treatment. Continuing some form of treatment, such as group meetings, counseling or medical checkups, will let an addict’s friends and family know that fighting addiction is a serious endeavor. With continual aftercare, relapse is less likely.

The Consequences of Addiction

If you have been living a life of substance abuse, it’s likely that there are more than a few unavoidable consequences. Mostly social in nature, these consequences may last a lifetime. However, the mistakes Louisville residents make while under the influence of a dangerous addiction may be repairable. Show your friends and family the changes you’ve made to be sober, and your commitment to recover will help heal broken relationships. Physical damage to yourself or others during drug abuse may be irreparable, but healing the emotional scars is much more important. Use your new focus on worthwhile relationships to keep yourself actively participating in addiction recovery.

Help for Louisville Drug Addicts

If you or another Louisville resident is ready to seek addiction treatment, call our toll-free helpline now. We are waiting 24 hours a day to answer your call. Our goal is to help you recovery from addiction with quality treatment. We’ll even help you find the right payment method. Call now and ask about how your insurance may cover the costs of rehab.

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