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Does an Intervention Have to Be Confrontational?

Does an Intervention Have to Be Confrontational?American media culture often treats drug addiction interventions as overly dramatic and emotional events. Interventions are often portrayed as involving hysterical family members, letters filled with dramatic pleas, and the shunning of the unrepentant addict. The histrionic images that these representations foster may discourage many families from choosing this route. In reality, staging an intervention for a loved one in the Louisville area struggling with addiction may be the most effective way to help him get treatment.

Deciding to Hold an Addiction Intervention for a Loved One in Louisville

Knowing when to intervene in an addict’s life is important. A bit of research on different intervention methods can be very useful; the type of intervention the family agrees on will normally carry in its definition a rough estimate of when it should be conducted. Generally, if the addict has landed in one or more painful situations directly related to his drug habit and still pursues drug use with no sign of slowing down, it is probably time for his family and friends in the Louisville area to let him know that they will no longer tolerate his addiction.

Choosing an Interventionist

Accompanying the choice of an intervention method will be the choice of an interventionist. This professional, also called a family mediator, should be someone who has a long record of experience in handling addiction-stricken families and a good reputation among the drug recovery community. The interventionist will meet with the family long before an actual intervention is planned and discuss with them exactly what they are hoping to accomplish. The particular people who will be included, the specific demands which the family will have for the addict, and the final ultimatums which will be delivered if the addict refuses treatment will all be decided upon in advance. The interventionist will likely have helpful suggestions in these areas based on the nature and duration of the loved one’s addiction, and will be present at the actual intervention to keep everyone on topic and prevent a rational discussion from turning into an emotionally charged war of accusations. Interventions do not have to be confrontational. With proper guidance, they can be extremely effective and mark a positive turning point in the family’s history.

Help for Louisville Residents Struggling with Addiction

If you are looking for a starting point in your search for an interventionist for a loved one in the Louisville area, or you are suffering from addiction yourself and need someone to talk to, our toll-free helpline is available for you 24 hours a day. Our counselors have experience in guiding people towards addiction recovery and will ensure that your phone call is caring and confidential. Give us a call today and let us help you find freedom from drug addiction.

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