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Drug Abuse and Self-Harm

Drug Abuse and Self-HarmWhile the medical community discusses whether self-harm is an addiction or even can be, it is nevertheless a means people use to cope with problems. Louisville residents may engage in this frightening act to express feelings they cannot articulate, distract themselves from other problems and/or to release emotional pain. The behaviors involved in self-harm may include the following examples:

  • Cutting
  • Scratching
  • Burning
  • Punching oneself or immovable objects
  • Inserting uncomfortable objects into body openings
  • Bruising or breaking bones
  • Hair pulling

People engage n these behaviors both deliberately and repetitively, but they usually do not intend these acts to be lethal. However, Louisville resident do suffer more intensely if they combine these behaviors with a drug addiction, because the risk for suicide increases, as does the risk of lethal self-harm practices.

Commonalities between Drug Abuse and Self-Harm

According to the Mayo Clinic, drug or alcohol abuse is a common cause of self-harm. In addition, while drug abuse and self-harm behaviors temporarily relieve some issues, they also cause a cycle of destruction. For example, Louisville residents who feel unable to cope with stress or negative feelings may either abuse drugs, conduct self-harm behaviors or both to feel better. However, when the relief fades, the users still have the same unresolved issues that they cannot deal with healthily. Therefore, when they can no longer handle these feelings again, the destructive behaviors starts over.

Treatment for Drug Abuse and Self-Harm

When Louisville residents struggle with drug abuse and self-harm, these two conditions need coordinated treatment. The commonalities between these two behaviors require treatment for both behaviors at the same time. To succeed in treatment, patients need to take the following actions:

  • Understand what underlying issues cause the drug abuse or self-harm behaviors
  • Remove drugs from their bodies and break physical dependency
  • Understand the connection between drug abuse and self-harm
  • Realize that drug abuse and self-harm do not address stress or negative emotions
  • Learn ways to break the destructive cycle and manage feelings more healthily

Integrated treatment provides a safe and supportive environment in which to achieve these goals. Treatment may include a variety of therapies, such as individual therapy to get to the root issues, detox to remove toxins and Cognitive Behavior Therapy to explore the connection between drug abuse and self-harm. Treatment can also teach Louisville patients to live free from drug abuse and self-harm if they reach out for help.

Help for Louisville Drug Addicts and Self-Harm

Breaking patterns such as these is very difficult to do without professional help. Understanding why you abuse yourself and drugs is an important step we can help Louisville residents explore, so please call our toll-free helpline today. We are available 24 hours a day to answer any questions you might have about abuse and addiction treatment services. We are here to help, so contact us today.

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