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Effects of Racism on Addiction

Effects of Racism on AddictionThe United States is made up of many different kinds of people, including African-Americans, Indians, Asians, Latinos and more. It could be assumed that in diverse country like America, all citizens have learned how to accept one another for their differences. However, that is not the case in many instances. To this day, racism still occurs amongst different cultural groups across the country, often causing serious repercussions for those directly affected, including the development of a drug and/or alcohol addiction. If you or a loved one in Louisville is struggling with addiction and the effects of racism, seek professional treatment immediately.

How Racism Can Lead to Addiction for Some Louisville Residents

Racism can be one the biggest drivers behind the development of an addiction, primarily because it can cause numerous negative emotional and psychological effects for a person who is a victim of racist attitudes, beliefs and discrimination. Some of the most common effects of racism that may lead to the development of an addiction for some Louisville residents include the following:

  • Anger – For any minority, it can be increasingly frustrating to run into challenges based on his or her race. These challenges can include promotions in the workplace, obtaining employment, fitting in with peers, and more. These everyday struggles to work against the stigma of being a minority can cause an individual to grow angry. To help calm his anger, an individual affected by racism might begin using drugs and/or alcohol in excess.
  • Anxiety – Racial minorities are more often the target of violence and hate crimes, causing them to always be on the lookout for danger, even if they are in what is considered to be a safe place. As a result, a person who is experiencing racism might develop anxiety and begin using drugs or alcohol to self-medicate.
  • Depression – The cumulative effects of racist discrimination can lead to depression among racial minorities. Once this depression sets in, an individual may not care as much about the side effects of substance abuse, making him or her more susceptible to developing an addiction.

Racism can lead to the development of unresolved anger, anxiety and depression, all of which can lead to a substance abuse problem.

Addiction Recovery Options for Victims of Racism

For many Louisville residents struggling with the effects of racism, going to addiction rehabilitation might be the last thing on their minds, as their admittance into a treatment facility will likely be perceived as just another negative characteristic of their race. However, getting into treatment is incredibly important for anyone struggling with an addiction, especially those who face daily challenges that impact their emotional wellbeing. To help address the issues of racism and its connection to addiction, there are many addiction treatment programs that have specialized care plans that recognize the issues that a minority might face. These programs can not only help address these issues, but also prepare a victim of racism for life post-treatment by helping him or her develop coping skills that will combat the effects of racism in the future.

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