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Finding the Tools to Say No When Drugs Are Offered

Finding the Tools to Say No When Drugs Are OfferedBoth prescribed medications and illegal drugs are commonly available in the United States and can be easily abused by Louisville residents. If you are struggling with drug addiction recovery, or want to avoid getting addicted in the first place, there are resources available to help you stay sober.

How Louisville Residents Can Avoid Drug Abuse

You are the only one that can truly stop yourself from taking drugs. But if you are addicted to drugs, you can’t quit without the help and support of others. Therefore, it is important for you to understand the power of addiction so that you can exert your own personal power to avoid drug abuse or quit once you’ve become addicted.

Understand Your Drug Use Triggers

If you are considering using drugs, take a moment to identify why you would consider using drugs and how you think it will affect your life in Louisville. Some of the reasons may include the following:

  • I want to feel more grown up
  • It is a way to show my parents that they cannot control me
  • Using drugs will help me fit in at school
  • Some drugs can help me do better at school
  • Some drugs can help me get thin quickly
  • Some drugs can help me feel less anxious and stressed
  • Drugs can make me more outgoing and social

While all of these statements may be true temporarily, in the long run drugs will make your life worse than when you started. Ultimately, drugs don’t really solve the problems they are supposed to, and cause new problems like addiction, loss of money and employment, alienation from friends and family, and declining health and happiness. Are you willing to let drugs control you (which exerts more control over you than your parents ever did)? Are you willing to let drugs cause you physical and emotional harm? Are you willing to let drugs destroy your dreams? Look at the facts and you will see that these questions are not exaggerations; just look around your school or community and you will find that drugs are so powerful that they can, and do, destroy people’s lives.

Productive Problem Solving without Drugs

For each of the underlying reasons listed above, you can find more rewarding, meaningful, and healthier strategies to achieve those benefits. The following are some ways to solve problems and live a productive life in Louisville without abusing drugs or alcohol:

  • Getting control from your parents – One of the best ways to get control from your parents is to show them that you are responsible, mature, and have good decision making skills so that they can trust you with more responsibility.
  • Fitting in at school – Join a team, try the theater club or join the band. Start volunteering with classmates at local animal shelters or start your own club.
  • Controlling emotions – Especially during the teen years, emotions are very difficult to manage. Between the pressures at school, peer pressure, hormones, and parental conflicts, your emotions are often varied and may change several times in just one morning. You need to find ways to relax, such as exercise, knitting, reading a book, playing with a pet, or venting with some good friends.

Try these ideas next time you feel overwhelmed and are tempted to turn to drugs or alcohol for relief. Making a commitment to avoid drugs is one of the greatest gifts you can give to yourself.

Learn to Say No When Drugs Are Offered

We live in a culture where drug use is extremely common. Because of that, you need to learn ways to say no when you are offered drugs. If you need help finding addiction treatment resources, call our toll-free number today. Our counselors are available around the clock to provide you with support and help you find the tools and resources you need to live a safe and sober life in Louisville.

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